Valentine's decor

by - February 04, 2015

To get through our long/cold/dreary/snowless?/ winter this year, the kids have been on holiday countdown. Which means that they count the days until Spring/Summer/Any sign of life by the holidays that fall between Christmas and the sweet, sweet golden rays of the hot summer sun.

So, Valentine's Day has been on their radar for a good month already.
Which also means that Willis has already handmade and hand wrapped the Valentines for his school friends and is requesting that I get  on the ball and get some treats for them.

To get in with the festivous mood, I did manage to decorate the house for the day of love.

To see last year's decor.....visit here

Now just to get the candy for the boycub's Valentines (and not eat it all first)

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  1. Now you can come and make my house look festive. I love your house and your decorations for each holiday :)

  2. Your son's handmade valentines are adorable. I love every single one of your decorations. I have nothing up because apparently i'm lame in this area - maybe you need to visit and help me decorate:)!

  3. Man I don't think I have a single Valentine decoration in my house! lol! I take that back...Xavier just brought home a finger paint picture of pink hearts! :)
    Looks great friend!

  4. I love the "All you need is love" sign! I am so far behind in decorations this year--ugh! Loving the motivation I got from your post though 😀

  5. Beautiful!
    I love the hearts on your mantel <3 <3


Have a lovely day!