Things that can instantly lift my mood.

by - February 27, 2015

Linking up today with the usual Friday bloggers (Andrea, Farmer's Wife) for a little Friday randomness, except it's not really randomness as I'm letting you know today what has really been on my mind for the past couple weeks:  the art of happiness.  Which I haven't really been.  Artful, yes. Happy, not so much.

I confess that I have spent the week googling:

  • Acreages/Homes in Victoria,
  • Resorts that have private pool access,
  • Spring trends and when they'll actually be in stores,
  • Art projects.
I find March to be the hardest/longest/most painful of months and I'm already feeling the doldrums of a long winter coming upon me with a fierce wind chill and blizzard like tendencies. 
And it's not even March.

So let's focus today on things that I have notice will improve my mood faster than I will say yes to another glass of wine.

Put on anything from the 90s and I'm on.  I'm dancing, I'm singing and my mood has been lifted eleventy billion percent.  This is the current playlist on Spotify that's playing right now as I type...

A Project

I need to keep my mind busy.  Currently I'm trying to focus on the media room revamp.  I almost have all the pieces in place, just need to do some creativitizing and I very well may be able to do a room reveal in March.


Hit me with a fresh bouquet of any coloured tulips and I'm smiling.  Put on my 90s Jam at the same time, and I'm likely dancing.  I have no problem picking up a weekly 3-5$ bunch of tulips, or daffodils, or mums whilst grocery shopping to add a little colour and sunshine to my world.  I do not like fake flowers.  Ever. Under any circumstance.  Not too sure why.

 Find What Feels Good...Yoga with Adriene.   It has become Do What Feels Right for me.

I talked about how much stronger I feel about my 30 days of Yoga with Adriene and now that I'm just smorgasborging on a variety of her videos, but also I've been reflecting on the other things I've gained from her practice.  Most noticable and valuable thing that I think I've improved is my patience.  That deep breathing does it for me.  I'm calmer, I'm less stressable and I manoeuver sticky situations with a calmer heart.  Adriene's mantra is "Find What Feels Good".  I've adapted that for me to "Do What Feels Right".  I'm focused on living my life in a virtuous and kind way, by putting love first and making decisions that feel right for me.


I have been single parenting a lot as Dan travels to Victoria for work (hence the googling of warmer climate homes) (maybe I was also doing that because he keeps texting me pictures of trees with leaves).  Anywho, while I'm not exhausted or stressed about anything in particular, I do find in the evenings that I have been enjoying, rather guiltlessly, some downtime with my favourite shows. Mostly I enjoy shutting my phone off and not feeling like I need to be on the ball.
I just got caught up on New Girl and am currently coveting everything Mindy wears in The Mindy Project.

Last but not least, it's spring training time for baseball!!! That means only a month to go until OPENING DAY!!! Not gonna lie, I will be watching whatever they have televised for the spring training games and listening too.  Nothing makes me happier than the sounds of summer!

Have a wonder-filled weekend.

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  1. 90's jams, heck yeah! When I was in Holland last Summer, I brought home tulip bulbs and I'm so excited to have them pop up this Spring. Happy Friday!

  2. Agreed on March!! The only good thing in March is my high Holy Day....St. Patrick's Day!!! Awesome playlist!! I am so with you on the 90's tunes!! And I laughed when I read "faster than I'll say yes to another glass of wine!"

  3. That playlist is perfect! 90's music has my heart :) I love the things you are looking up! I always get excited to get to March and then realize it is just a longer version of February :( Here's to hoping it goes by quickly for us both!

  4. I love tulips, I love your 90's playlist, and I love the word creativitizing. Good work!

  5. Do you love St. Patty's Day because of green beer like me???

  6. I agree, 90s music makes me happy

  7. I need to see pictures of them when they bloom!!!


Have a lovely day!