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The love weekend 5

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1.  The kids' crayon art:  I showed you the process on Wednesday and wanted to share how the final product looked framed and displayed in our stairway.  I am very pleased with this project and feel like I'd buy these if I saw these in a store. The kids are already getting requests, so guess what they'll be doing this weekend!

2.  Card making:  Another fun project that I like to do sporadically throughout the year is making homemade watercolour cards.  This entertains the kids (and big kids as we did this with Aunty Jen over Cmas) and then all I have to do is cut, fold and then find something funny to write.  This way I always have a stash of personalized cards and never have to buy them.

3.  Kids showing their love for their cousins.  We have a two week old baby in our family and that means that we make daily trips to the Golightly's for some cuddles.  I have really loved seeing how much these kids love that little bundle.  Lucia has missed having Kinsey and Addy in our house and spends a lot of time making crafts for them.

4.  First Annual Valentine's Family Date:  This weekend we will be bringing Kinsey and Addy back with us so Kyla, who is still recovering from a C-Section, can have some quiet time with Jamison.  I'm looking forward to nicer weather and some outdoor activity with all the kids.  Also, I may have bought some crab and lobster for a delicious family feast and date night.  Valentine's Day isn't just about couples...but for me, it's about showing love and celebrating with our little family.

Willis doesn't pose freely for pictures with me anymore...I had to bribe him for this and then he insisted this is what I write on them. Sigh.

5.  Sharing our love story...on the blog on Monday! Stay tuned.