Chocolate and Wax. But not together.

by - February 11, 2015

Continuing with my theme of working on a better me, I want to show you some of the things I've been working on that coincide with some of my goals for this year:

1- Playtime in the kitchen.
 I love playing around and trying new recipes so with Valentine`s Day and a fun link up approaching, I decided to try a new chocolate recipe.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and made some changes to suit us.  I have an excess of frozen pumpkin that needs to be used before the fall happens again and this was the perfect opportunity.  So obviously I used pumpkin in the place of bananas and I added cinnamon.  I thought it was so-so, but the kids gobbled it up in a flash and demanded seconds, which they devoured equally fast.  I'm going to bring the other loaf over to my sister's place later today and see what they think of it.

2- Valentine art
Creativity makes me happy.  I love making things and with Willis and Lucia being very much into crafting right now, I did some research and set up a great project for the weekend.  This project involved melting crayons and playing with the wax.  When I was doing my research, I found a bunch of different techniques and I quickly decided that using the blow dryer would be the best way for the kids.
Here`s a quick step-by-step run down  of what we did.
1- Soak crayons in hot water for 2ish minutes- the paper comes right off.
2- Cover floor area, get a blowdryer, canvas and plastic knives for holding the crayon.
3- Place crayon on canvas and hold it down with knives.  Willis and Lucia quickly got the technique down and were able to move the melting crayon around very quickly.
The blowdryer, on a hot setting, will melt the crayon and then you can blow the melted wax around the create whatever effect you like.
The whole project took us maybe 30 minutes and they were so proud of their creations!

We were going to give them away for Valentines, but I love their art so much that I bought frames and will be promptly hanging them.

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Have a lovely day!