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Things that can instantly lift my mood.

Linking up today with the usual Friday bloggers (Andrea, Farmer's Wife) for a little Friday randomness, except it's not really randomness as I'm letting you know today what has really been on my mind for the past couple weeks:  the art of happiness.  Which I haven't really been.  Artful, yes. Happy, not so much.

I confess that I have spent the week googling:

Acreages/Homes in Victoria,Resorts that have private pool access,Spring trends and when they'll actually be in stores,Art projects. I find March to be the hardest/longest/most painful of months and I'm already feeling the doldrums of a long winter coming upon me with a fierce wind chill and blizzard like tendencies.  And it's not even March.
So let's focus today on things that I have notice will improve my mood faster than I will say yes to another glass of wine. Music 
Put on anything from the 90s and I'm on.  I'm dancing, I'm singing and my mood has been lifted eleventy billion percent.…

Willis' World

My little boy is almost done second grade.
He turns 8 this year and is almost up to my shoulders (which really isn't a great feat, I'm not super tall)
His feet are so big and his toes are getting longer. His hands are so graceful and I love watching them master pieces on the piano.
He has a better front crawl than I do and is very determined when he sets his mind on something. Willis is competitive.
I wouldn't say he's the most empathetic or compassionate of kids, but he tries.  He works hard at any task he is given and is very goal driven.  
He loves baseball, but now loves basketball just as much. Which works out just fine as both teams are from Toronto and the seasons compliment one another.  I have some serious learning to do as I've spent most of my life ignoring Basketball.  Good thing Dan knows a thing or two.
The movie, Space Jam is the current go-to on weekends in our house.  During the break, we had some time to put together this video for his 'Cap…

The one with all the food.

One of my goals this year was to get crafty and creative in the kitchen.  In past year's I have set more specific goals, like the year I made all the bread and the winter devoted to soups.
This year, I have just been trying different recipes here and there, and then making them my own.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my wins:

 1) Favourite salad- I found these at Costco and now Walmart has them.  There's also one that has kale, broccoli, beets, chards, feta, raisins.  Delicious salads that I cook because I prefer my salads warm.

2) Pulled Pork Buffalo Poutine:  Next time I will make my own fries with potatoes from the garden.  I just made a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker (add soda/onion) and then when it's cooked and falls apart, add your BBQ sauce of choice.  Pile it on top of french fries and add some squeaky cheese (must be white curds), some green onion and buffalo sauce to top.  This was sooo good.

3) Nachos: The kids go-to meal is Taco Night. So we tried…

Inspired by the Oscars

I had some fun with makeup this week, while exploring some glam looks for the Oscars.  My favourite part of the awards show, which airs on Sunday, is definitely the red carpet.  Ya for pretty dresses!
I have wanted to try the contouring techniques that makeup artists use for awhile and this was a great reason to see what I could do with it.  Here's my step by step:

In the end it's the more natural look that I like the most.
As for my hair or outfit, well we're right in the middle of February break and I wore my pajamas all day. Also? My hair has grey roots and is in need of a touchup, so it's just a makeup special for me today!
Here's a little break down of the products I use and love!  There's a lot of them, but they are all my faves!

Skin prep:
Truth Serum Veil Primer Urban Decay Toner

Base layer:
Pore minimizer Under eye brightener Concealer CC creme

Smashbox sticks
Powder and blush:
Foundation Bronzer Highlighter Blush Powder

Powder Pomade Brow/Shadow Base

What I've been wearing in real life.

Happy Wednesday of a beautiful February Break!  I have really been enjoying staying home and not having to be driven by the regular routine of life.  The kids are also really loving staying in their pajamas (underwear) (let's be real here) for as long as possible.
Me, I have been trying to dress up and I have been having fun because along with doing Carrie's Create28, I have been playing my closet game.  You know, the one where I can only wear a shirt once and then rotate it to the back to see if I can wear everything once.  Good times.

Here are a few looks from this past week:

Look 1: Animal print.
I don't wear that much animal print in the is replaced with plaid.  So I went a different way with my favourite animal sweater. Roar.

Our story of love

One of the main reasons I started this blog almost 6 years ago was to share with family the goingons of our life.  I then became very aware how great it was that I had a way to document our story, which I publish in a book every year.  I love looking back at the way things were and I know that in many years from now, when these precious moments of Saturday morning cuddles and little ones coming to the side of our bed at night with bedraggled hair are long gone, I will be using those blogbooks to remember the way things were. Lately this space has also been an outlet for creativity and community, but mostly it is a place where I can record our story.

Today I want to share with you a part of our love story in the hopes that some day, when Lucia and Willis are older and are asking questions about marriage and love, that they can see how important it is to find someone who will love and respect you above all else.
You see, I have that in Dan.
Dan is the most loyal, hard working, kindheart…

The love weekend 5

Linking up today with

1.  The kids' crayon art:  I showed you the process on Wednesday and wanted to share how the final product looked framed and displayed in our stairway.  I am very pleased with this project and feel like I'd buy these if I saw these in a store. The kids are already getting requests, so guess what they'll be doing this weekend!

Chocolate and Wax. But not together.

Continuing with my theme of working on a better me, I want to show you some of the things I've been working on that coincide with some of my goals for this year:

1- Playtime in the kitchen.
 I love playing around and trying new recipes so with Valentine`s Day and a fun link up approaching, I decided to try a new chocolate recipe.  I found this recipe on Pinterest and made some changes to suit us.  I have an excess of frozen pumpkin that needs to be used before the fall happens again and this was the perfect opportunity.  So obviously I used pumpkin in the place of bananas and I added cinnamon.  I thought it was so-so, but the kids gobbled it up in a flash and demanded seconds, which they devoured equally fast.  I'm going to bring the other loaf over to my sister's place later today and see what they think of it.

Working on a better me

I'm not going to lie, leaving my face-to-face teaching career so I could be at home with Lucia (and be a cyber teacher) has flipped my life in many different ways.
1- My relationship with Lucia has completely been changed.  Maybe she's growing up and maturing, but she is so dang cute that we spend most of our day cuddling or wrestling or colouring or just chatting. We rarely fight.  I will be forever grateful for this year I was gifted with even if I can't continue it next year.
2- My style has changed.  I was shoe/clothing obsessed when I had a reason to dress up.  I loved being the stylish teacher at school.  Now.....I sometimes wear the same pair of jeans all week. Gasp.  While I do appreciate fashion, I guess I just don't focus on it as much.  Which can be a good thing (hello, wallet) or a bad thing (goodbye, trendy/stylish one).
3- I'm sooooo much more relaxed and calm.  I am not rushed to do anything, I'm not stressed about prepping a class or correcting…

What is done in kindness

Today, with my fellow blogfriends, we're exploring Random Acts of Kindness.

I had trouble this one and kinda left it to the last minute.  I had a lot of cool ideas, like giving out tuques/mittens/blankets to the homeless during a cold snap and there's always the buying coffee for the car behind you at Tim's.  
What I've realized though is that I'm kinda shy.  In fact the couple times I bought the coffee for the car behind me, I got all stressed out that they would follow me and thank me.
I'm weird that way.

"When you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and on the street corners so that they may be seen by men.  Truly I say to you, they have their reward in full.  "But you, when you pray, go into your inner room, close your door and pray to your Father who is in secret, and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you." - Matthew 6

So, I knew I didn't want to do something tha…

Valentine's decor

To get through our long/cold/dreary/snowless?/ winter this year, the kids have been on holiday countdown. Which means that they count the days until Spring/Summer/Any sign of life by the holidays that fall between Christmas and the sweet, sweet golden rays of the hot summer sun.

So, Valentine's Day has been on their radar for a good month already.
Which also means that Willis has already handmade and hand wrapped the Valentines for his school friends and is requesting that I get  on the ball and get some treats for them.

The day we "met"

I talked last week about wanting to relive the days we introduced our babies to our family/friends or met new babies.
Upon thinking about it, there are a few more days I would love to relive that aren't baby related.
One of the big ones that come to mind is the day that Dan and I "met" again and what an appropriate day for me to tell you about it as today is the 13th anniversary of that occasion.

You see, Dan and I always knew each other- we went to the same school our entire lives.  In fact, our lives were very intertwined from the beginning with our brothers, Rob and Chris, being in the same grade and good friends.  Plus PA isn't a huge place, so you know people.
So when I "met" Dan 13 years ago on that fateful weekend, I already knew everything I needed to know about him.

I've blogged about that weekend before here and here and won't go into the happenings as much as those posts cover it.