Something old, something new, something borrowed, something in a shade of blue

by - January 09, 2015

Welcome to our first linkup of 2015!  Check out these talented bloggers to see what they came up with for today's topic and make sure you link your blog up if you put something together for this!

As for me, I've had one of those weeks that you want to forget about.  Between it being, with wind chills, in the -40s all week, and then the truck deciding to start (I wouldn't either) and then being rear ended because of the crazy icy streets (Kids and I are fine, the car has a crack and paint on the bumper)...It has left me unmotivated and spent.  
Luckily when I was feeling more motivated earlier in the week, I decided to come up with four outfits that represented old, new, borrowed and in a shade of blue.  It was the most I dressed up in a week. 
I think old man winter is wrecking my style.
Dressing up isn't so fun when it's always hidden under layers of fluff and big, warm boots.  If I go out during the day, I rarely take off my jacket.  I could really just be wearing my pjs under my down jacket and mukluks.
I also think that the style challenges, while they've been great for giving me new ideas and being accountable, they have taken away my creative license.  I have forgotten how to dress myself.
So I think I shall be going back to what the old Deena would have done and started being more creative in my dressing.
Or I'll just wear pajamas. 
Win. Win.
Anyway, here's my link up creation:

I feel like I should get bonus points for the last outfit because it combines all of them. And also because it isn't my pajamas.  I also cut off my head in all the pictures because I neglected to do my hair each time I took a picture. And my makeup.
Go team.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I love how you represented borrowed. Very fun! And I know how much you love that sweatshirt! Ha! Wearing our twinsie fur sweater today. So warm!

  2. Love your spin on it! You have lots of blue to choose from, too! Just noticed "Curator of All Things Awesome." I wholeheartedly agree :)

  3. lol love borrowed, i think I took it too literally... oops

  4. I'm so glad you guys are okay after your fender bender - that's why I hate driving in the snow - all the other people out there! You have the best sense of style, so I'm excited to see pictures from creative Deena. I love your sweater from Christy so much.

  5. I am so glad you guys are okay! It is super cold where I live, too - outside pictures are not going to happen anytime soon until the temps get to the positive digits. I always love what you write for your posts - they make me smile (not your accident, though, thought I better clarify.) Hope your week gets better.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  6. You definitely get bonus points for the last one! Job well done! Like Lisa, I hope your week gets better!

  7. ugh, it really should be illegal for the temps to get that low! Like seriously?! I wouldn't get dressed either...but I do like what you put together. Those jeans are so cute on you!

  8. Love your looks! I am so glad you and the kids are ok!! Cheers to it finally being the weekend!! Raise your glass. I am completely in agreement with's too cold!! Today was my early day to come home! I've been in my pj's, under a blanket, on my couch and drinking wine since 3:15 to try and get warm!

  9. What a week you are having! Girlfriend, I wouldn't even want to get out of bed, let alone my pjs! It's time to have a glass (or bottle) of wine and toast to the weekend. I hope it "warms up" for you soon!

  10. I bet your gram's shoes are so comfy on many levels. Just the right amount of broken in. Thankful that you and the kids are safe after the fender bender. Enjoy a restful weekend. XO

  11. Ok, love it all but the last outfit is fabulous. Jeans - to die for, friend!


Have a lovely day!