On taking the road less traveled or at least the one that leads to waterslides

by - January 19, 2015

One of the greatest gifts we got for our wedding 10 years ago was a tradition shared with us by my lovely Aunty Phyllis.  (For the record, the tradition consists of champagne and toasts and lots of looking back with gratitude and looking forward with hope)

Ever since then, we have been practicing that tradition as our wedding anniversary timely falls a couple days shy of New Year's Eve.  For us it's an easy way to toast a year gone by and then we take a look at the things we want to do in the following year (which also works well with how Dan's salary and bonuses and yada yada yada).

So as we do every year, we make a list of priorities and then figure out how far we could get down the list before we ran out of money.  This year we were trying to figure out the travelling we want to accomplish.

One thing I've learned? Dan and I are very different in our travelling wants.  Don't worry, our marriage will survive, I just may have to find a travel buddy to do all the ridiculous things I like to do.
Dan does not like Blue Jay games and has no desire to go to Hawaii.  He won't go celebstalk with me in Hollywood and really doesn't like anything touristy- read visiting le Louvre, Versailles or the Eiffel Tower.
So how do we compromise when exploring random streets of Winnipeg and Science Tours are definitely not my thing.

First we realized that this year we really want to bring the kids to one of the Disneys.  Neither of us have been, so there's some added excitement there too.  Lucia is still young, so we decided on Disneyland as it's smaller and less overwhelming for Disneynewbies.  So there you have it, a Disney visit in the fall.

Being that that is quite a big trip, and we will likely be bringing the Grandparents, we crossed any other big trip with the kids off the list.   We originally thought we'd bring them to Victoria, but decided they'd have just as much fun in a hotel with waterslides in a closer city...so Regina for a weekend it is.  Doesn't hurt that Mary Poppins, the musical is playing there.  They'll LOVE that.

Dan and I also try doing a getaway each year because our relationship is important too.
So is sleep and uninterrupted conversation.
In the past we've done trips to Toronto (blue jays!!) San Francisco and Las Vegas.  Most of these focused on my wants, I get that.    But while discussing this, I saw another difference in our thoughts:  I'm game to leave the kids for  a week, no problem, Dan is no more than 5 days.  He's a softie!!! Cute.
So now we had to figure out where we could go with a shorter flight (out the window went my lofty dreams of France or Scotland)
We both made a list of places (it had to be somewhere we've never been) and then compiled.
Our lists:

In the end we decided on the Maritimes, as we'd both love to explore places we wouldn't necessarily explore with the kids....but since then we've changed our minds, once we realized how long it takes to get there.
So we've decided on exploring Vancouver Island instead.

Make sure you come back on Friday when we're sharing our current wishlists, or better yet, make your own post and link up with us!

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  1. 5 day is my max to. Guess I'm like dan! You'll love Disney. I'd like to go back in 2 years but James said longer :(. Happy trip planning!

    1. I will be refering to your blog posts a lot..that's for sure.

  2. So excited you're going to Disney. You will have so much fun. Just throwing it out there - I am an excellent travel companion, and would love to visit any of the places you mentioned :)!

    1. How about you come see us in Victoria!

  3. I'm with Lana, I'm an excellent travel partner too, also I don't drink, so I'm a really good DD :) You guys might need me, hehe.

    When you come to Disneyland we have to meet up! It's 20 minutes from me! If you time allows...let's do it!

    In any case have fun on all of your trips! Mr. and I need to plan a get away with just us too...hopefully that will happen soon.

    1. Wouldn't that be awesome if our blogfriendship turned into a sisterhood of travelling bloggers? And yes, I would love to meet up with you in the fall!!! How could we not?!

  4. Wait!! I see Texas on both of those lists...???

    1. Yes!!! Some day, it will happen. I'm hoping Alison does a conference there so I "have" to go.

  5. Love this! My husband and I differ on our travel plans, too. Iceland, Nova Scotia, or England anyone? Enjoy Disney.

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds


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