A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Baby Day

Monday was an exciting and nerve racking day.  With Kyla having a planned c-section (although she much would have preferred to push), we were able to have Mom and Dad at our place for the day, along with Brother Rob from Calgary.
It was a no-brainer to keep Willis home with us as well as he wanted to be fully present in the celebrations.

I'm grateful that Kyla told me beforehand what to expect with this c-section as my anxiety tends to spike when I don't know what's going on.  She was going in at 9:45 and I knew not to expect a call until around lunchtime.

So, we tried our best to busy ourselves, playing cards, going for a walk, doing yoga, playing more cards and then finally, while we were tidying up from lunch, my Kyla tone on the text went off.  I quickly jumped to the phone (which you know was always right next to me, constantly being to checked to see if it still worked or if the volume was on) and giggled in delight, notifying everyone to gather around, I had the news.  Mom ran out of the bedroom where she was reading stories to Lucia and the card game between my Dad, Rob and Willis quickly stopped.  On the edge of their seats, they waited for the magic words (and I admit, I made them wait a little bit just for suspense. You know)

It's a boy!
There was hooting and hollering and I'm pretty sure Willis was jumping up and down on his chair, fist-pumping.  He is surrounded with girl cousins and a sister and really, really, really wanted a boy.
Now we just had to re-busy ourselves until we got the green light to go to the hospital.
We brought Lucia to gymnastics where we met the brand new big sisters, Kinsey and Addy with Robbie's parents and we had our own little celebration as we watched the girls work away in the gym.

After that we headed over to Kyla's house where Geri had prepared a birthday cake for Baby Boy (He Who Had Not Yet Been Named).  There was a lot of speculation of what his name would be as we devoured the delicious angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries.  And of course we sang Happy Birthday to the newest additions to both the Park and Golightly families.   For the record, some of the names that were guesses were Olaf, Charlie Brown and Poop Poop.

Finally we headed over to the hospital and were properly introduced to the sweetest little bundle, Jamison Harvey Golightly.   Willis was enthralled by the baby and was quite upset when we had to leave.  Lucia is equally in love.  Who am I kidding, we're all head over heels!
Welcome to our world, Jamison, you are already so very much loved.


  1. OH my gosh, I love squishy new babies! Congrats Auntie!

  2. What a beautiful baby boy, and I love his name. Congratulations to the whole family - so exciting!

  3. So sweet! It's like I love your family and don't even know them. Secretly I was on the verge of tears...precious!

  4. YAY, you got your baby snuggles!!!!! he's so so so sweet!!!

  5. I absolutely love how you made a day of it! What a cool way to celebrate! Can you have cake and strawberries when my baby is born?

  6. Love this post!! How did I miss it?!? Congrats Aunt Deena!!! All the pictures are wonderful. And it's awesome that you make a cake and sing happy birthday...great tradition!! Olaf, Charlie Brown and Poop Poop are great but his name is absolutely perfect!! :)


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