A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

An important day

Recently, Dan asked me what a handful of my favourite memories are since we've been introduced into the wonderful world of parentage.
I thought and I thought and then I thought some more....turns out all my memories are a big blur of great times.
But there are a couple days that I would love to revisit  and they are always the days that we introduced our babies to our family and friends or met the freshly born babes for the first time.

Grandma Park holding the first grandchild, Willis Jules

Aunty Monique with Lucia Kelly

Willis meeting his sister for the first time

There is something so special about seeing a newborn.  I don't know if it's the awe and love in the parents' eyes or just that wondrous feeling of meeting someone who is already such an important part of our lives.

Well, today is that day.  That momentous day when we will meet the newest member of our family, baby Golightly.   I pray that my sister has a peaceful c-section (its her 3rd and therefore planned) and that our little nephew or niece is welcomed safely into the loving arms that can't wait to hold him/her.

to be continued.......


  1. Looking forward to hearing the news! I love baby days to!

  2. Yay for new babies! Kuddos to them for getting the gender a surprise, I don't know how anyone does that!

  3. Great pictures and wonderful memories!! Congrats Aunt Deena...have a great day!! So fun that they decided to be surprised!!

  4. So exciting - congratulations!


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