An empty nest of sorts

by - January 16, 2015

The weekend they moved in
After 4 months almost exactly of living with us, Kyla, Rob, Kinsey and Adelyn are moving out this weekend.
Insert sad face.
They found a beautiful home, back in the area they were before.
Insert sad face.
I don't get to have brand new baby living with me that I can snuggle.
Insert sad face.

Okay, okay, I'm happy for them, but I'm also going to miss the friendship that has formed with the girls during the day.  Lucia and Kinsey played so well together (and yes, there was squabbles and tears and tattletaling....hourly) but I like to focus on the good and the beautiful, so deal.

For four months, Lucia had sisters.  I will always feel bad that we never gave her that gift, but I guess in an unexpected way, we were able to.

I have loved seeing my kids share (and have loved the lessons presented when they didn't share and didn't include each other)  They were VERY good at recognizing that and equally good at ratting each other out.

I loved how excited Lucia always was to get home and play with "Kins" and how quickly Adelyn hugged and snuggled Willis when he got home from school.

When we first moved out to the acreage, I treasured the silence.  It's funny how quickly that can change, because I found that when our household numbers doubled, I quickly found peace in the noise.
Yes, the noise.
I love having a full house and when our table was set for 8, and we broke bread together every single night, I found comfort and oodles of joy.

So much was learned over the past 4 months, I want to share with you some of the lessons that I will be keeping with me.

You can microwave popcorn kernels in a paper bag for a minute in a half and have way less noise and mess from the popper.
Kids will eat healthy, balanced meals when that's all they're offered.
Vinegar and water in a spray bottle, kept under the sink, will clean anything.
My husband enjoys Rob's company; they are both quiet, reflective and easy to boss around.  Just kidding. Kinda.
Kids play best in groups of two.
Homemade cookies and pizza are the best. Homemade anything is the best.
Lunches can be easily put together with healthy ingredients. No more Kraft Dinner over here. Instead cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, cottage cheese and crackers will be served.
Gin Rummy and other card games are a great pastime.
Foster a creative spirit and a child's mind and imagination will grow.  Give them opportunities to create.
A sister can be your best friend
Dancing after supper is a great way to unwind.  But yoga is better for calming down the kids.

I've learned a lot about myself in the process: I adapt easy to situations, given that I have time to wrap my brain around them.  We actually were planning on building on to our home and having them live with us forever, but when we priced it out, it would have cost the same as them buying something new.  So that idea was scrapped.  I found that I quickly went from really really really wanting them to be with us, to being fine with having my space back.

So that's it.  My space is back, the house will be quiet, but the little elves who lived in our basement will be greatly missed.
Thank you for the gift you gave us in sharing your every day life with us, dearest Golightlys.  It will be one of my most valued moments in life.

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  1. A once in a life time experience. Sad to see it end for you. Good luck to Kyla as she expands her family and unpacks a new house!

  2. What a great experience for your kiddos :) Happy that they found a place, but sad for you that is has to end.

  3. Such a wonderful experience, for the kids and the adults, that most of us never get to have in our lifetime. You are such a kind, thoughtful person to welcome them into your home. I'm sorry they have to go, but I love all the lessons you learned! Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh Dear Deena, again my mofning coffee box of kleenex to go with your blog. Thanks for sharing your life lesson . You enrich all your readers lives. Bless you and your family.


Have a lovely day!