A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

All that jazz

Happy Friday!  I'm happy to start the New Year off with a post of epically random proportions of some my favourite things that have been going down in the past week or so.

What I wanted for my New Year's Eve look was lots of sparkle.  Here's my inspiration via Pinterest.
I ended up not having as much sparkle and sequin in my closet as I would have liked.  I did find this sparkly top from BCBG that I got last year for New Year's.  
But let's be honest, that's not what I ended up wearing to ring in the New Year....we were sticking around home and my family was over for our Christmas celebrations.  I wore this instead, because Christy sent it to me and it arrived on NYE from my bro.

I posted a picture on Instagram every.single.day in 2014. YAAAY! They were all done through a challenge put on by two bloggers I follow, but when they stopped doing them in June, Sara and I decided to continue because why not.  Here's a look at the first three months of 2014.  I love that I did this and I plan on printing them into some kind of book.

3) New Year's/Christmas celebrations with my family

4) Blog goal setting
If you are a blogger or a blogger's husband, you'll understand how much time a blog can consume.  In a good way. If you enjoy it.  Which I do.  2014 was a good year for my blog and I really enjoyed being organized and creating content, but mostly I've really loved the community that I have been welcomed in to.  So I should probably make some goals for 2015.  Here's what I'd like to get down:
* Complete my blog redesign so it's more cohesive and more...me.
* Do another Mommy Diaries series, I haven't done that for 3 years
* Meet my Style Me Blogger friends.
* Continue to post regularly, but not if it starts to feel like a chore

5) Personal goal setting
I suppose I should make some personal goals whilst I'm at it.
* Lose that weight that I always talk about losing, but most importantly to feel good.
* Be healthier - mind, spirit and body.
* Read 20 books
* Do more creative stuff- that makes me soooo happy.
* Spend less, want less, be happy with what I have.
* Make some great memories for my little family.
* Forgive and forget the hard things.

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  1. Your post has inspired me. I guess I need to write my Blog goals and update my personal goals for the new year. Love the idea of an Instagram pic a day. I think they can be the best, unrehearsed, off-the-cuff kinda pictures. Thanks for all of the inspiration in your great Friday post.

    1. I stole the blog goals idea from Lana....muhahahah

  2. lol remember when my goal was to read 1 book and yours was to read 20... BAHAHAHA

    Also, YES to meeting your blog friends aka ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm impressed with the pic a day. Just impressed.

    1. bahahahaha. Let's go to a Jays game

  3. I agree with Shaunacey. A pic a day is very impressive!!! Also love that Dan is 43 in the last post ;-)

    1. muahhaah, he needs to start acting his age.

  4. i did a pic a day this year too!! Are you planning it for 2015 as well?

    1. I need to find you on instagram! The plan is to do the same for 2015...we'll see

  5. Love that you did I pic a day!! I attempted and made it many months but then fell off the wagon...pretty hard! I'm trying again this year and am planing to make it a weekly feature on the blog to help me stay on track! Would love to meet you in 2015!! Woo hoo!!

    1. A weekly feature on the blog, that's a great idea!

  6. You are better than I - a picture a day on instagram is a feat! Looking forward to 2015 :)

  7. I swore I commented on this, but I'm getting very old so I forget things :)! I LOVE your new sweater. You have totally inspired me to do better at Instagram! Perfect goals for the new year - hmm...forgive and forget the hard things - I need to work on that too.


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