Adelyn Dawn

by - January 12, 2015

I know I've talked a lot about Kinsey, my niece, who is living with us right now.
It's hard not too, she has so much personality and spirit.

But I'd be missing something if I didn't talk about our sweet Adelyn.

Adelyn Dawn is Kinsey's two and a half year old sister and for me, she's a tough one to get close to. She loves Uncle Dan and Willis.  Like REALLY loves them.
The minute either of them walks in the door, she literally latches on to their legs.
Although she's only two, she has tons of personality.  She loves to get a laugh from a crowd and is a big sweet, goofball, with a side of sazzamafraz.
I have been able to sucker her in to the odd back rub to get my fill of Addy time.  The kid has 0% body fat and is ripped.  No wonder, both Addy and Kinsey's diets are full of the Canadian Food Guide.  Kodos to my sister for feeding them so well.
Adelyn is a tank and spends most of her time at the fridge, Daddy, hurry up, I'm hungry.  What does she want from the fridge? Apples, cheese strings, yogurt drinks, cucumbers.
That's our Addy.

So full of spirit and life, jam packed with love and so much ahead of her.
I can't wait to see what becomes of this sweet little munchkin.

Have a great week, or as Adelyn would say : Beep Beep, I tooted

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  1. She's adorable, and you can just see the personality written all over her face! Plus, sazzamafraz? Love.

  2. So cute! Glad that your kids are getting some good time with their cousins.


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