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Friday Favourites

Linking up this Friday with the Farmer's Wife and Momfessionals
Here's just a few of the happenings in our world this week:
1) A new rug! Finally!  And I'm sure glad I didn't order the 13x18..yikes, this monster weighed 130 lbs

Baby Day

Monday was an exciting and nerve racking day.  With Kyla having a planned c-section (although she much would have preferred to push), we were able to have Mom and Dad at our place for the day, along with Brother Rob from Calgary.
It was a no-brainer to keep Willis home with us as well as he wanted to be fully present in the celebrations.

I'm grateful that Kyla told me beforehand what to expect with this c-section as my anxiety tends to spike when I don't know what's going on.  She was going in at 9:45 and I knew not to expect a call until around lunchtime.

So, we tried our best to busy ourselves, playing cards, going for a walk, doing yoga, playing more cards and then finally, while we were tidying up from lunch, my Kyla tone on the text went off.  I quickly jumped to the phone (which you know was always right next to me, constantly being to checked to see if it still worked or if the volume was on) and giggled in delight, notifying everyone to gather around, I had the new…

An important day

Recently, Dan asked me what a handful of my favourite memories are since we've been introduced into the wonderful world of parentage.
I thought and I thought and then I thought some more....turns out all my memories are a big blur of great times.
But there are a couple days that I would love to revisit  and they are always the days that we introduced our babies to our family and friends or met the freshly born babes for the first time.


I got nothing.
In fact, when I stroll through the mall, I only gaze at the clothing and barely pay attention to the shoes.
This is working well with my "don't want to buy any more clothes" 2015 goal.  I will make an exception when it's out of necessity, like when my two pairs of jeans both tore during the same week. This was also during the holidays and hopefully unrelated to all the food, but rather because they had been well used and in my closet for 3 years.

So my coveting post shall be a little different.  I'm really focused on my house right now and with Kyla, Rob and their kidlets moving out, its almost like I'm moving back into my house.  There is so much organizing to do.

I'm therefore taking it one room at a time and focusing on the media room, which is the only room that doesn't have anything hanging on the walls.

Here is some of inspiration:

Traditional Home Theater

Contemporary Home Theater by Des Plaines Schools and Organiz…

Working on a better me.

As a teacher, I am always making professional development plans to choose something I will focus on for the year.  For the record, this year I'm going over the Éducation Chrétienne 10, 20 et 30 curricula as I'm a little rusty with them and it's what I'm facilitating this year in the cyber world.
In January of each year, I also make some personal goals of things that wil lhelp me become a better person.
I'm please to report back today and show you some of the little things I have been doing to make myself...wait...I love Willis . He is so cute and smelly and I just want to hug him when he reads over my shoulder while I'm trying to write a post.
Go dance, child.
Go shake your cute little booty.

Okay, I'm back.  I shall quickly type this whilst my children dance to Just Dance (google the clips on Youtube and your kids will be entertained for hours too) (Lucia loves "I'm a Gummy Bear" and Willis loves the Mario one)
Here are a couple of things I&…

On taking the road less traveled or at least the one that leads to waterslides

One of the greatest gifts we got for our wedding 10 years ago was a tradition shared with us by my lovely Aunty Phyllis.  (For the record, the tradition consists of champagne and toasts and lots of looking back with gratitude and looking forward with hope)

Ever since then, we have been practicing that tradition as our wedding anniversary timely falls a couple days shy of New Year's Eve.  For us it's an easy way to toast a year gone by and then we take a look at the things we want to do in the following year (which also works well with how Dan's salary and bonuses and yada yada yada).

So as we do every year, we make a list of priorities and then figure out how far we could get down the list before we ran out of money.  This year we were trying to figure out the travelling we want to accomplish.

One thing I've learned? Dan and I are very different in our travelling wants.  Don't worry, our marriage will survive, I just may have to find a travel buddy to do all the r…

An empty nest of sorts

After 4 months almost exactly of living with us, Kyla, Rob, Kinsey and Adelyn are moving out this weekend.
Insert sad face.
They found a beautiful home, back in the area they were before.
Insert sad face.
I don't get to have brand new baby living with me that I can snuggle.
Insert sad face.

Okay, okay, I'm happy for them, but I'm also going to miss the friendship that has formed with the girls during the day.  Lucia and Kinsey played so well together (and yes, there was squabbles and tears and tattletaling....hourly) but I like to focus on the good and the beautiful, so deal.

For four months, Lucia had sisters.  I will always feel bad that we never gave her that gift, but I guess in an unexpected way, we were able to.

I have loved seeing my kids share (and have loved the lessons presented when they didn't share and didn't include each other)  They were VERY good at recognizing that and equally good at ratting each other out.

I loved how excited Lucia always was …