Cmas, anniversaries and then some

by - December 31, 2014

As we wrap up 2014, I just want to take a moment to look back at this past week which has been so jam-packed with celebration.  I am feeling quite overwhelmed and overtired and look forward to some downtime in the future, but not in the near future as we start our Christmas/New Year's festivities with my family tonight. 
Bring on the fireworks, the bonfires, the fancy drinks, the treats, the silly games and all that love.

First up was the awesome beauty that Mother Nature threw our way.  I have never seen frost like this. I also don't recall a time of being covered with fog for what seemed like weeks.

We celebrated Dan's birthday with homemade KFC.  Yum!

Then it was time for Christmas with Dan's family.

Followed by our anniversary, which was a fun one because it was our 10th.  We didn't do anything special for the day, just chilled/recovered with the kids.  The highlight for me was opening our Time Capsule/Wedding Day Predictions box and seeing what everyone wrote for us.  There were some good ones in there, and most of them pointed to Dan not having hair and me owning an art studio.  I'm going to do something similar and seal it up for our 20 year.

Happy New Year!

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  1. love letters to your future selves... such a fun idea!
    the holidays look like they were a blast

  2. That birthday dinner looks SO good. Looks like you had a fun holiday! When I was going to college in Pullman we used to get freezing fog and it was so pretty. I love your time capsule - what a beautiful idea. Have a very Happy New Year!

  3. That photo of the frost is so beautiful! My husband is turning 40 in a week and I need to figure out something... that homemade KFC and fries look yummy!

  4. Love this idea of the Time Capsule! How great...Also, frosty pics are my absolute favorite. When it happens at home (Iowa) my mom sends me pics because she knows how much I love it. Congrats on 10 years! Happy New Year, friend! So glad we became friends in 2014! hugs

  5. Love the frost picture and the photo of the church. We might get snow tonight and tomorrow...I am STOKED! The time capsule is such a great idea. We did one in 1999 with my kids and then husband. Wonder where it went? Thank you for sharing!


Have a lovely day!