Basic Week Three.

by - December 03, 2014

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I wore two of the basics challenge outfits this week! Yay me!  They were definitely dressed down, but they worked for what I had going on

Cardigan + Blouse + Black pants + Black Boots + Leopard Belt
For me it was more like an oversized Grandpa sweater (Winners), a black shirt (Pleione Nordstrom) Boyfriend Jeans (Gap) and Brown Boots (Hush Puppies)

Chambray + Black jeans + Leopard Belt + Riding Boots. 
For me: pretty much that, but I swapped out the belt for the scarf.  The outfit even worked when I had to bundle up to go pickup Willis.

What I'm finding the most challenging about this challenge is the fact that I don't wear really anything other than Sorels/Uggs on my feet and most of the time, if I'm out and about, I have my huge winter jacket over top my snazzy outfit.  So on top of thinking about purse/boots that go with my outfit I have to think about how it translates with my winter jacket/boots.

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  1. Your outfits always look great! I love that white puffer coat! Looks nice and warm :)

  2. You got me beat with 2 outfits...I just didn't get into the groove again this week! You look great in every photo, as always!

  3. That snow looks fun but I bet it must get old. I think you are doing great with what you can do! I'd be hibernating in my jammies! :)

  4. you don't look remotely 'basic' in the basics! gorg as always

  5. So pretty - love the chambray with the scarf!. I'm the same - always having to put a coat over my outfit which takes all the fun out of it! However, I love your warm coat - right up my alley.


Have a lovely day!