A weekend without kids aka, what did I used to do with my time beforethem!??!?!?

by - December 08, 2014

Dan and I spent a wonderful weekend together while the Grandparents/Kyla/Brother Rob looked after my minions in PA.  Brother had come down for the weekend to spend some time with Grandma (the original plan was for mom and dad to come here and watch them during Dan's Cmas party, things had to change when Grams worsened).
So quality time in PA it was for them.

Meanwhile, back in Saskatoon, Dan and I had time together to just be us.
We had Dan's Christmas party on Friday night, for which I got a sparkly new dress (who doesn't feel awesome when you look awesome?)
We even got to stay at the castle on the riverbank for the night, which was handy as it was right across the street from the Saskatoon Club where the party was held, and super easy for me to run home in stocking feet at 2 am....because, you know.


I love getting ready when you have all the time in the world.  I went with the blue dress...it was just too perfect to pass up.  I accented the beautiful blues in the dress with a sparkly headband and bold red lips.  Dan gave me an early Cmas/anniversary present to finish off the outfit, and well...I was floored. My hubby is great a giving gifts, but he may have pulled off the best gift yet.  Almost better than the year he sent Jordan and I to Toronto to watch the Jays play.  See here and here Yup, this year was special. (And yes, it was the shoes...a pair of Louboutins!!)

The ensemble

Red Lips (Mac's Russian Red, but the key to keeping them on all night was Bite Beauty's Line & Define Lip Primer)

The red soled shoes I have been coveting forever!!!!

Ready to party until 2 am. Yup. 2. 
 So at the party I also was hypnotized. That was....interesting.   The best part was dancing to high school songs all night long, with no cares in the world.  It was a really great night.

Saturday was spend doing some videography and then it was dinner and a movie with Dano.  We ate greasy burgers and fries and saw Horrible Bosses 2.
I love getting to spend time with my hubby, it reminds me why I married him....that man can keep me smiling :)  Everyone needs time to reconnect!
This is how we spend our quiet time: he read and I did video work

5 guys burger. Yum!

Have a great week!

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  1. That dress is GORGEOUS on you! Sounds like such a fun weekend - so nice to have time for just the two of you. Okay, you know I'm a little slow - was the present the shoes? Because WOW!

    1. Ha- you would be the second asking the same question. So I reread my post and I clearly didn't word it clearly...silly me. It was shoes.

  2. Never mind...I just re-read the post and realized it was the shoes...LUCKY GIRL!!!!

  3. You look gorgeous!!! I am envious of your weekend with your hubby. How fun!!!


Have a lovely day!