10 years of us

by - December 26, 2014

I know I lucked out 14 years ago when Dan and I started dating and I have been counting my lucky stars since that weekend, oh so long ago in February.
This weekend there is more celebrating to be had because,  10 years ago tomorrow, I married my Dan.
I wish I could relive my wedding day, it was a glorious day.  It was cold, glorious day...a mere -33. People from all across the province (and country) traveled to be with us only 2 days after Christmas.
Looking back, probably not the best time to get married and I'm very grateful anyone showed up.
We are also so fortunate to have so many of these people still playing a major role in our lives.
We are blessed.

I spent some time last week taking our wedding video and trying to condense it into 10 ish minutes. So why not take a look at what our wedding day was like, 10 years ago.
Happy Anniversary, my man~!

10 years from Dee on Vimeo.

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  1. You haven't aged a bit! Me on the other hand... And dan had hair! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane. 10 years.... Wow. You guys make a beautiful couple!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I love everything about your video - the music (and your musical), a Christmas time wedding, you were gorgeous (LOVE your dress), the twirling going back down the aisle, your song at the reception (beautiful voice, my friend), the true love that shines through. Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You and Dan were cute. Still are. Happy anniversary. You guys had some pretty great moves dancing!

  4. Beautiful video of what looks like a beautiful day! Happy Anniversary, Deena and Dan!

  5. Happy Anniversary! We celebrate 10 years in April! Loved the video!

    1. and I love that we have a video too! You can relive the day over again! We watch our vows every year.


Have a lovely day!