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Cmas, anniversaries and then some

As we wrap up 2014, I just want to take a moment to look back at this past week which has been so jam-packed with celebration.  I am feeling quite overwhelmed and overtired and look forward to some downtime in the future, but not in the near future as we start our Christmas/New Year's festivities with my family tonight.  Bring on the fireworks, the bonfires, the fancy drinks, the treats, the silly games and all that love.
First up was the awesome beauty that Mother Nature threw our way.  I have never seen frost like this. I also don't recall a time of being covered with fog for what seemed like weeks.

We celebrated Dan's birthday with homemade KFC.  Yum!

Then it was time for Christmas with Dan's family.

Followed by our anniversary, which was a fun one because it was our 10th.  We didn't do anything special for the day, just chilled/recovered with the kids.  The highlight for me was opening our Time Capsule/Wedding Day Predictions box and seeing what everyone wrote…

Looking back on 2014

It's that time again, the time to reflect on a year that brought us much joy but that also showed us sadness.
But I guess, upon looking back at those times, it's then that I choose to see the light, the goodness and the lessons that can be learned.
We are surrounded by wonderfully kind, sincerely devoted and beautiful people that make up our circle of family and friends. These are people are the ones who choose to stand by us through the darkness and the light, and it's for these people that I am most grateful.

The moments, the trips, the things...those are all grande too. But the people in our lives are where it's at.
Thank you for being a part of our year, regardless your role from the front lines, to the random visits, to the occasional texts and to those who commented and read this blog, you are all apart of our lives and we're better people because of you.
We wish you joy, happiness and many, many smiles in 2015.

Here's a look back at our year....

10 years of us

I know I lucked out 14 years ago when Dan and I started dating and I have been counting my lucky stars since that weekend, oh so long ago in February.
This weekend there is more celebrating to be had because,  10 years ago tomorrow, I married my Dan.
I wish I could relive my wedding day, it was a glorious day.  It was cold, glorious day...a mere -33. People from all across the province (and country) traveled to be with us only 2 days after Christmas.
Looking back, probably not the best time to get married and I'm very grateful anyone showed up.
We are also so fortunate to have so many of these people still playing a major role in our lives.
We are blessed.

I spent some time last week taking our wedding video and trying to condense it into 10 ish minutes. So why not take a look at what our wedding day was like, 10 years ago.
Happy Anniversary, my man~!

10 years from Dee on Vimeo.

Christmasses past

As we gather together with our families to celebrate the beautiful Christmas season, I like to look back and remember Christmasses past.  10 years of sparkly Christmas trees for our 10 years of married life.

2004- the year we got married and my last real tree in our first home in Warman
2005- the year we got Coco and Britney
2006- our last year sans kids
2007- the year we got our Willis
2008- in our new home in Saskatoon
2009- our last year as a family of 3
2010- the year we got the LuciaMonster
2011- the year with all the cute

2012- the year we hosted Dan's family

2013- the year in our new home on the acreage
2014- 10 years later and my love got me a real tree!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season.  Thanks for being my friend.

Winter Challenge, week three

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I have been inactive in the Style Challenge, sadly. But I did snap a few pictures of the nicer outfits that were part of this past week.  These are some of my favourites: 
This was supposed to be : long sleeved tee, statement necklace, skinny jeans and black heels.  What it turned into was comfy sweater, leggings, boot socks and beanie. Oops.  But I took a picture of the evidence of me not participating properly because it was all frosty and pretty outside.
This was my favourite look this week: tunic sweater + plaid scarf + leggings + UGGs + Boot socks.  I dressed it up a little.  I just got the shirt from N…


I have had some time to digest the emotions of these past couple weeks: the learning that she only had "weeks to months" and then the very quick deterioration of a feisty lady who was determined to live to be 100. I think that's been the hardest part for me, knowing how alive and full of life she was just weeks ago.  I can picture her coming over not even a month ago, en route to one of her many cancer appts and nagging at Dad because he kept making sure she had a blanket to cover her and assuring us that the kids could still jump on her.

My Grams was a remarkable lady and she would not miss a moment to tell us how much she loved us.  She thought of others first and even on her last day, took the time to tell Uncle Doug/Aunty Marcie, Mom and Dad that she wanted everyone to know how much she loved them and what she had got everyone for Christmas/where they could find the presents.

As we sat around her house on Thursday after saying our formal goodbyes, it was exactly as she …

My Christmas home tour

Welcome to my Christmassy home for 2014.  Which would feel much more Christmassy if the snow hadn't melted.  I'm all for snow at Christmas.  Lots of it. But, the show must go on.  So here is what our house looks like this year.

The Blogger Regional Gift Exchange.

This may have been one of my favourite activities this holiday season. I loved receiving a gift from an area I have never visited and from the hands of a lady I have gotten to know over the course of this year.
My friend, Carrie over at A Lovely Little Wardrobe sent me the most beautifully wrapped and thoughtful present from her hometown of Denton, Texas.
Some day I will visit Texas, ya'll.
I loved everything about this, Carrie.  Thank you so much!!!

I would also like to add a big thank you to Alison from Get Your Pretty On.  Alison, when I stumbled upon your post about a Spring Style Challenge days before registration closed, I didn't realize what I'd be getting myself in to.  In all honesty, I was comfortable with fashion and always felt I was ahead of the curve with trends.  I wasn't going in to learn how to dress, but rather out of curiosity.
I am so glad I did.
You did teach me some things about style, like how rock a pair of white jeans, or the versatility of a …

Winter Challenge, week 2 & a gift reveal

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The Looks
Wednesday: What I wanted to wear vs. what I should really wear.  I didn't really love this look...I think it was the scarf with a poncho that was new to me.
Then the next day I tried it again whilst heading out to the kid's Cmas concert...and I LOVED this look:
Thursday- cozy outfit for morning school run. This one lasted all day and the puffer was even good as a jacket later on when it got above zero warm.  Practically bikini weather, if you ask me.
Friday- the new sweater (same,similar)  which was cozy for a day where I needed some extra warmth and cuddles.    Saturday: Embellished sweater…