Window Shopping Wednesday: The Winter Boot Edition


As a Saskatchewanian? Saskatchewanner? Saskie, we take our winters very seriously.  
You kinda have too.  
When we (normally) have snow on the ground from November-April (and sometimes that can be extended from October- May) must be fully prepared to be well bundled and cozy.   I usually start digging out our winter gear mid October because you never know when that cold can be switched on.  And that happened this weekend for us and I wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been.  


You see, I decided last minute that I wanted to build a rink in our backyard, because why not.  Except I should have been smart and started in early October like Hugh (Jordan's hot husband) did.  Their rink is going to be epic.  Mine will do for this year, but I have serious rink envy now and we're not even a hockey playing family.  I know. Gasp.

Jordan's rink....courtesy of Hugh's FB page, I stole the image.  Seriously though, he even has rounded corners.

and the frame for ours. Unepic

Anyway, my point.  I went out on the weekend to build the frame and lay the plastic without my winter boots because I couldn't find them.  Rubber boots did not suffice and I'm pretty sure I had frostbite on my butt, toes and heel.  Needless to say, I rummaged through the furnace room to find them, only to discover that I was missing one boot from each pair of boots that I own (a black pair of UGGs and a black pair of Columbias) (at least my mismatched pair will match?)
Also, Jordan's sister, and my good friend, Jess happened to text me last week for some opinions on boots.  I will have to follow my own recommends as I can't go around all winter with mismatched boots.  That's not cool.  Unless you're Katie.  Then you can do it.

The thing with Jess and Jordan is that they have killer legs.  Like legs that look like they belong to Olympic sprinters; those girls are ripped.  And they are both consequently fast as well, I should know, they kick my ass on the base path when we play ball.  I can hit the ball to the fence and so can they, but for them it's a homerun and for me, if I'm lucky, it's a triple.  And I'll likely trip whilst doing so.

Anyway, point being, I did some searching online and came up with some options for her (and me) (and you) because we all know that we need a killer boot to survive the winter, and still manage to pull of stylish. 
Yay for snow!  This one is for you, Jess~!

Boot picks

Lucky Brand zipper ankle boots
115 CAD -

Restricted boots
69 CAD -

Sam Edelman Posey Bootie
135 CAD -

Shoes | Short-Mid Boots | Pippa Chelsea | Hudson's Bay
385 CAD -

And then I almost forgot the #1 item on my Cmas list this year- mukluks....

So? Which ones should Jess choose? I know what I want.....

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  1. Combat boots! Love those! I had a pair all through high school and I loved them! My mom stole them actually! lol! I need a new pair!!!
    Those boots you want are awesome! I might need those too! lol!

    1. I had a pair of Doc Martens in grade 8 and I remember it being a HUGE deal that Mom and Dad would spend 120$ on shoes. I wish I still had them...

  2. Those boots you want are awesome, sometimes, for a very brief amount of time I want to live where it's cold, then I visit my in-laws and remember why I don't do well in cold. What a skating rink in your backyard! That has got to be the coolest thing EVER! LOL at the Katie comment, so true!

    1. That's why we have to escape often to sunny, happy places.

  3. First of all - what is this new blog design????? LOVE IT!!!! ANY skating rink in your backyard is epic - I showed this to Conner, the hockey player in our family, and he was seriously jealous. I think I'm in love with all the boots so I can't choose.

    1. Ya...I change things often. Just trying to make something cohesive that is pretty too.

  4. holy hockey rink!!! that's intense!

    how could I choose only one pair of boots? I love all of them... you're a shopping genius!

    1. ya, I don't think I could narrow it down to one pair either...which may explain my closet.

  5. This post just made me laugh! An unepic rink...please keep us posted on the progress, friend!


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