The last style me week


Today's the last post you'll see for awhile because the Fall Challenge is done and done. Plus it snowed here. Again.

Wednesday- boyfriend cardigan, layering t, leopard print scarf, black leggings, nude flats
I did oversized cardigan (DKNY, Winners), white layering T (Joe Fresh, old), pleather leggings (HUE, the Bay), nude flats (Sam Edelman, The Bay) and a knock off Kendra Scott necklace from Groopdealz.

Thursday - puffer, layering T, boyfriend jeans and ankle boots
I did my fur vest (Simons), black layering T (Nordstrom), skinny jeans (Vigoss, Nordstrom) and brown booties (BCBG, Winners)

Friday : neutral sweater, plaid button up, black jeans, leopard print shoes
I did camo leggings (Simons, old) oversized sweater (H&M), plaid scarf (Aldo accessories) and black boots (Guess, the Bay) and then I transformed into Elphelba to take my little Dorothy trick or treating.

Saturday : dressy sweater, dark denim and riding boots
I got dressed at night to see Sarah McLachlan (she was sensational) and wore leopard printed poncho (Winners, old), dark jeggings (Gap, old) and browny/grey boots (Browns)

Sunday called for Neutral Sweater, Stripes, Grey Jeans, Ankle boots &leopard scarf but I didn't get out of my pajamas or leave the house.  Oops.

Take a look at these ladies' looks!

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Also, I'm happy to announce a linkup with the Style Me bloggers that was borne out of the love of fashion and shoes.  Come back on Friday to take a peek into my closet and see what the other girls have to say.
As a side note....I had a blast making this graphic.  I normally just use picmonkey but I wanted to try to use a new technique in photoshop with watercolour brushes.  I was inspired by the Scottish textile company, Bluebell Gray and I secretly wish to have my house decorated in all their pieces. I may or may not be plotting a trip to Scotland to see their shop in Glasgow....

My inspiration:
I see now that I need to work on brighter colours, but learning the technique was enough to tire this brain out.  I also want to take this a step further and experiment with actual watercolours.
To be continued!!


  1. I really like all of these, but if I had to choose a favorite id choose the first one. That purple sweater looks amazng!!!

    1. This doesn't surprise me from she who wears tons of colour

  2. So hard to pick my favorite - I love them all. You and your sister are so gorgeous. And of course, who couldn't love Elphelba (Dorothy is pretty cute too!). You outdid yourself on the graphic this time :)!

  3. Snow, wow! I must go find that necklace! Cute looks, as always! :)

  4. We had a little snow on Halloween and I'm so not ready for it! Love all of these looks, especially the first outfit with the purple cardigan!.


  5. Love all the outfits but I really love your curled hair!

  6. Can I please please please just have a copy of your ENTIRE wardrobe (including shoes, and you can throw in your closet too). Thanks :)
    Those pleather leggings are styled perfectly, it almost makes me want a pair!

  7. I have a hard time picking a fav on this post. Love the fur vest - didn't think I would, but I can actually see myself wearing it the way you are in that pic! (You are really stretching my boundaries!) I also love the outfit you wore to the concert and adore the camo with plaid (also am shocked I like this - in my mind it was too much pattern). You rock.

    1. Stretching your fashion boundaries is my favourite thing to do :) I got you in camo, that was my fall challenge. Maybe getting you in fur will be my winter challenge.

  8. That purple sweater is gorgeous on you. What a great color! All you outfits look great. I hope you enjoyed your pajama day!

    1. Aw, thanks! I think you would great in that colour too.

  9. Love all of your outfits but especially the purple, leopard and leather pants! So hot! Your hair looks pretty curled.

  10. I always love that you have your own style during the challenges. Such an original. I love that you mixed camo and plaid - I totally think it works. Fun hair + a cute pic w/you and your sis = priceless!


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