Jackets, nails and pillows, oh my.

by - November 19, 2014

I have a lot to say today and it's all random so I might as well schmerge it into one slightly fashion related post.

First off if you didn't get to check it out, I contributed on This Bird's Day last week and did a post on Winter Jacket Trends.

Secondly, I was given the opportunity to review some product for a blogger friend, Shaunacey.  She sent me some a Jamberry sample and I tried it out.  I have used wraps/decals before on my nails and have enjoyed them, so it was good to see what all the buzz was about with this brand.  The difference I saw was that you use a heat compress on them to make them adhere more? Be more adherent?  Turn on the adhesive?. 
Make them stick longer.
I browsed the instructions and figured I could figure it out, when in the end, I should have paid better attention to the details....story of my life.  I did figure it out eventually and was super pleased with the results.  Now to see how long they last!  I was mostly very happy to be able to go shower/change clothes right away and not worry about the inevitable smudgeage that comes with using polish.
Lucia and Kinsey were intent on getting their nails done too, but I only had a small sample left.  Kinsey was adamant that she have the frozen ones like mine.
If you visit Shaunacey's site where the wraps are always buy 3, get 1 free and can be ordered from anywhere in Canada or the USA, you will see a plethora of colours/designs/patterns that will make you want them all.
I settled of 4 sheets and made sure I got the frozen ones for the girls.
I have spent all weekend admiring my nails and can't wait to try some new colours.  Thanks for the opportunity, my Blue Jay loving friend!

Thirdly, we've started the Build Your Basics Wardrobe Challenge so I'm going to show you one of my looks during these first couple days.  We're doing a link up again,  go check out what my new friends are wearing:

Deena | Joy | Dee | Leslie | Patty | Shawnee
As for my look of the week:
Alison wanted striped T, tassle necklace and boot cut jeans with neutral flats.  I went with my striped tunic (Caslon, Nordstrom) Pearl Ball necklace (H&M) and black leggings (HUE, The Bay)  I wore slippers for shoes, but I did sport this around the house all day as I did corrections and worked on some videography.  Super comfy! Me likes.

Lastly, I'm taking a break today from clothing wants and instead showing you my winter room design.  You see, everything I have in our master suite is very bright, colourful and summery.  It was time for a winter update...here are my current loves and obsessions:

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  1. Hey Deena! Thanks for hosting the link up. I like your cozy winter night choices. It makes me want to go decorate my living room for Christmas time. I also really dig your striped shirt. Very cute!

  2. yay for a link up! My mom is actually doing the 40 and over challenge too. She was so excited Sunday night that she got the outfit out and put it on for us. I should have posted the picture on my blog. I have that tunic, did you just tuck it into your pants? Was there a lot of material in your pants? Loving the new look of the blog? Or did I just not notice before?

    1. My mom's doing it too! I have the HUE leggings on...no tuckage over here. The design is new-ish...it's a work in progress

  3. I love your take on the challenge and am drooling over your winter bedroom inspiration. I'm trying to figure out how I can get the same feel in our living room.

    1. Thanks! Cozy throws and pillows are the way to go!

  4. That is a totally cute and I'm sure comfy outfit. I love the striped top on you!

    1. I probably could have shown the entire outfit but I'm still feeling selfie-lazy.

  5. Great job on the winter jacket post - I see a few I need to have! Shaunacey is sending me some Jamberry nails too. I can't wait to try them because I'm forever irritated at my chipped nail polish. Cute tunic, and I love the winter bedroom pics. Cozy!

  6. YAY nails!!! They turned out super cute and I know the girls will love their frozen-inspired ones!!
    I'm sad i missed this challenge but winter challenge is just around the corner!


Have a lovely day!