A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Family Game Night

What we do as a family depends on the seasons.  In the summer you will find us outside doing something, acreage life is eventful. Guaranteed that I will have a Jays game on somewhere on those nights.  
In the winter our activities shift to being indoor because snow and cold.
Last year our focus was having a weekly family movie night on Sundays, similar to the nights we had as kids watching the Sunday night Disney movie, you know, no Netflix to keep us entertained.

This year, our weekly family event will be a game night of sorts.  And what perfect timing to start this weekend when we received our GameNight package from Influenster
Willis, Lucia and Kinsey were thrilled to see an updated Monopoly Junior to try out and they got to unwrapping it right away.
We did our game night on Saturday night, letting each member of the family choose a game.  We started with Lucia's choice, Scrabble Junior, but we only got 1/2 way into it when it ended in meltdown and our little girl telling us she needed to go to bed. It was only 5:45.  Yikes.  And she actually went to bed, love that she knows when she needs sleep!
So once she was tucked in, Dan and I challenged Willis to a game of Monopoly.  I gotta say, I loved this version.  It was quick, it was simple and it kept him engaged, although he did do a lot of chanting and dancing. 
But I blame that on him being 7. 
And halloween candy.

I love board games.  I may have purchased a special Christmas board game present for our little family to unwrap and play on Christmas eve...it is my all time favourite game, Clue.
Really though, I love anytime that our family spends completely engaged in a task and I can't wait to see what we play next week. Something tells me that it's going to be Monopoly again.

 "I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


  1. oh I love family game night, I can't wait for my kids to get older so we can do that with them too!

    1. I almost bought Twister today...but figured that probably wouldn't end well...

  2. What fun! I can't wait for Xavier to be old enough for family game nights!

    1. That almost ready age is tough. Lucia lasted maybe 10 minutes.

  3. We used to do family game night, and I loved it. Now it happens only a few times a year, but the boys still think it's fun!

    1. I would love to hear about the types of games your fam plays!


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