Basics Challenge, week two.


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Confession time.  I haven't worn one of the outfits out of the house in the 10 ish days of this challenge.  Oops.  While we're being honest, I will say that I've been mostly lazy, somewhat feeling unchallenged and a lot of just wanting to pick out my own outfits.  
I have enjoyed seeing what everyone else puts together but just lack the motivation all together.  I'm hoping I come around for the Winter Challenge which starts sometime soon.  
So what I did for this post, was take some of the pieces I like from the challenge and I created my own outfit.  Alison may very well have this coming or maybe even have had it already, but this is what I liked the best this week:

Neutral Sweater, blanket scarf (Simons, similar), jeggings (Gap) and boots (Hush Puppies).

In other news, come back on Friday and we'll be sharing recipes that have 5 ingredients or less!  I whipped up something yummy in my kitchen this past weekend for Christmas! Or a random Tuesday, because cookies.
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  1. You and your plaid! I love that scarf! I still need to get those plaid shoes and leggings you have!

  2. Replies
    1. yes, yes you do. Bonus of a blanket scarf is that you can curl up on the couch and have naps with it.

  3. I've been feeling kind of uninspired too - probably because I'm cold, and all I want to do is wear warm sweats! Hoping the Winter Challenge helps. I love the picture of you out in the snow!

  4. I haven't been doing the best job following along in this challenge either! I have been sick and tired and choosing clothes based on feeling sick and tired :) I really love that scarf! It is fantastic.


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