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A recipe that has 5 ingredients or less

So, a recipe that has 5 of less ingredients you say.  That was harder than I thought it would be. That's what she said. 
Until it started snowing/winding/icing on Saturday and we cancelled ALL our plans and just stayed in.  I thusly decided it was time to start my Christmas baking and went ahead and made 12 dozen cookies (my Mémé's Ginger Snaps, my Grandma Park's whipped shortbread and my Grandma Diehl's whipped chocolate shortbread)  The process was fun because of the snow and the Christmas movie for the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the kitchen, but mostly I loved the tastes that reminded me so much of Christmasses celebrated chez our Grandparents.

Oh ya, I should mention that I topped these babies with glazed cherries and that most of them were eaten that night...and the other bit were bagged and frozen for some friends.

Have a jolly good weekend, and a happy Thanksgiving to my American friends...we decided to have another Thanksgiving this weekend too, b…

Basics Challenge, week two.

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A letter to my friend.

Dear Celine, You left us a year ago today and I need you to know how important you have always been to me. I am grateful for the 20 years I had with you. I miss how easy it was to be your friend.  You were always there, always smiling, always willing to help.  There was never any drama and I could always catch right back up with you, regardless how often we talked. I love looking back at your Facebook page and reading your words in the comments, it makes it seem like you are still here. I have so much video of you from our crazy high school/ball years that I will eventually create into a compilation, but I still need some time. I wish I would have called and texted you more. I miss you. I love you.
Here are some pictures from the last time I saw you, when we did the photoshoot for your 30 somethings post.
Until we meet again, friend.

The Life of a Cyber Teacher

First off, just wanted to mention that the registration for the Winter Style Me Challenge is open Wednesday I'll be showing you my favourite look from the Basics Challenge, which is on as we speak and then Friday I'll be blogging with my friends that I met doing these challenges (which I think has been the most rewarding part, by far) and we'll be sharing our favourite recipe with 5 ingredients or less.
But today, I want to talk about what it's been like making a change in my career.

I started my pursuit of a teaching career, fresh out of high school and then convocated from the University of Regina with a French major and Fine Arts minor when I was 22.

I had applied many places for jobs, mostly with the goal of travelling: Caymen Islands, New York, France.....but in the end, I decided to take a job back in my hometown, at my alma mater which meant I would be living with my parents to start off and teaching my brother.  Interesting.

An ode to my Winter Hat, ahem, tuque.

A toque, tuque, or touque is a "winter hat" to us.  I did a little web-searching to learn where the term came from, that turned out to be quite interesting.  Why don't you check out a Brief History of the Toque ?
I rarely wear hats (unless I'm playing or watching ball). 
In the winter though, I have a tuque on my head every day, because, you know, then I don't have to comb my hair.  
Plus it's fun having a wide variety to go with my mood.  Although, when I do look back at my pictures, I realized that my go-to tuque is the Blue Jays' one that Mom and Dad got last season at a game for Willis and Lucia, which I consequently stole.
In our laundry room we have lockers with a bench for each person.  During the winter each section has a basket (except for Dan's, because he has an aversion to baskets) (and organization), and each basket has a wackload of tuques for each person. 
You can never have  enough warmth in Saskatchewan.
My favourite tuques are the handmad…

Jackets, nails and pillows, oh my.

I have a lot to say today and it's all random so I might as well schmerge it into one slightly fashion related post.

First off if you didn't get to check it out, I contributed on This Bird's Day last week and did a post on Winter Jacket Trends.

Secondly, I was given the opportunity to review some product for a blogger friend, Shaunacey.  She sent me some a Jamberry sample and I tried it out.  I have used wraps/decals before on my nails and have enjoyed them, so it was good to see what all the buzz was about with this brand.  The difference I saw was that you use a heat compress on them to make them adhere more?Be more adherent?  Turn on the adhesive?.
Make them stick longer.
I browsed the instructions and figured I could figure it out, when in the end, I should have paid better attention to the details....story of my life.  I did figure it out eventually and was super pleased with the results.  Now to see how long they last!  I was mostly very happy to be able to go show…

The Strongest Woman I know.

My Grandma Park has cancer.
But really, that shouldn't be news.

My Grandma has had cancer often and faced it head on each and every time.  I likely will get these stats wrong, but she had uterine cancer some 30 years ago, then it was breast cancer 3 years ago, which I blogged about. And then last year it was lung cancer.  Each and every time she has done her chemo and got on with her life.
This time she is too weak to do the treatments (although she did do one chemo session because she's tough like that), and the doctors are afraid there will only be 3-6 months.
I don't like typing that.  And when I do I feel kinda ridiculous; we are all terminal, aren't we?  Isn't that the one bond we share as humans? Our immortality?
It's just so sad to face it head on.

However, I don't doubt, not even for a second, that my Grams won't give this a fight and won't continue to be a light in our lives.  She's just like that. She even managed to go to Bingo with…

Fitness and me through ecards.

Linking up today with the LifeStyle Sistas, who really are the Style Me Bloggers but in general are just a bunch of ladies that I really, really, really like.  Like a lot.

So today we're talking fitness tidbits. Yikes.  I'm going to be brave today and tell you some secrets that I've only had breakdowns about with my closest friends, sister and husband.
I gained all my baby weight back.
With no baby to show :(
So. Sad.

How could I lose it all and then have it magically sneak back over the course of 2 years.
Okay, really, I know the answer to that.
And I know how to fix it.

I have goals and I'm competitive, which are both going to help me in my (hopeful) healthy lifestyle change. (As I type this, I'm on my third glass of wine. Oops)

But hey, my dietician sister is living with us, and that has drastically changed how I eat.  She rocks.
AND I'm also half way through week 4 of the Insanity workout program which hasn't been easy, but luckily my bro-in-law is doi…

Window Shopping Wednesday: The Winter Boot Edition

As a Saskatchewanian? Saskatchewanner? Saskie, we take our winters very seriously.   You kinda have too.   When we (normally) have snow on the ground from November-April (and sometimes that can be extended from October- May) must be fully prepared to be well bundled and cozy.   I usually start digging out our winter gear mid October because you never know when that cold can be switched on.  And that happened this weekend for us and I wasn't quite as prepared as I should have been.  

In Remembrance

This is a repost from something I wrote on Nov. 11th, 2011.  I thought it was fitting because today is a day to remember and I want my kids to know that there were brave people in our family who have seen war.  In fact, Dan just told me about his Mom's uncle (?) who was a submariner.  I'm going to have to get that story for next year.  
Let's take that time to offer a prayer of gratitude today and truly feel the abundance of gifts that have been given to us because of their sacrifices.


Thanks to the veterans, war is not something I will likely know or have to experience in my life.  I will not have to send my son off at the tender age of 18, I will not have to deal with the Post Traumatic Stress Disorder that comes with the service and sacrifice that these brave men and women often face.
Nonetheless, I am grateful.  Today I will remember especially a man I never knew: my great Uncle Mike.  He was my mom's uncle.
Lest we forg…

Family Game Night

What we do as a family depends on the seasons.  In the summer you will find us outside doing something, acreage life is eventful. Guaranteed that I will have a Jays game on somewhere on those nights.   In the winter our activities shift to being indoor because snow and cold. Last year our focus was having a weekly family movie night on Sundays, similar to the nights we had as kids watching the Sunday night Disney movie, you know, no Netflix to keep us entertained.
This year, our weekly family event will be a game night of sorts.  And what perfect timing to start this weekend when we received our GameNight package from Influenster!  Willis, Lucia and Kinsey were thrilled to see an updated Monopoly Junior to try out and they got to unwrapping it right away. We did our game night on Saturday night, letting each member of the family choose a game.  We started with Lucia's choice, Scrabble Junior, but we only got 1/2 way into it when it ended in meltdown and our little girl telling us…

My secret room

Welcome to our very first linkup as a group of gals who "met" while doing the style challenges run by the lovely (well, I've never met her, but I'm pretty sure she's quite lovely) Alison.  We've decided that we  enjoy working together so much that we came up with a short, 4 part link up that you're more than welcome to participate in (and we're even doing a Christmas exchange!)
 Who knows, you may learn something new or even better, make a new friend.
I LOVE my closet and I've blogged about it extensively before:  house being builtmy favourite shoes or how it looked when we first moved in.  It also doubles as a quiet place for me to read, or a sleepover room for kids, but most of the time it is where you'll find the girls playing and getting into the makeup.  Since my sister and her little family are living with us, we moved Lucia's clothes and vanity into our closet, so I guess its hers now too.

First a look inside (you access our close…

The last style me week

Today's the last post you'll see for awhile because the Fall Challenge is done and done. Plus it snowed here. Again.

Pinspiration. The boot sock edition

I've been MIA for the past couple Pin-spired outfits mostly because of lacking inspiration.  But then fall happened and it made me happy and all I could think about was boot socks. I wanted to try this look, and then I found a million more looks that I think I'll keep trying through the winter.  I really need to invest in more cuffs as I already have issues finding boots for my wide  strong and athletic calfs....bulky socks make boots impossible to do up!