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Linking up today with the lovely Andrea at Momfessionals who is a teacher with lots of spunk and energy and she makes me recall longingly the enthusiasm I once possessed....

My "What's on my feet" today will be a tour of my shoe closet.  Yes, I have a shoe closet.  I am a shoe addict and am proud to profess it.  I'm going to do this in the style of a closet confessional, borrowing the question Shaeffer uses on her blog...but a shoe version, for a shoe addict, me!

1)  What is the item in your closet that you have the most of? 
Shoes!!!  Actually if you could see to the left you'd see racks of clothes too, in which case I would say I have tons of various blouses and tops.  But shoes.  Definitely shoes.  On the top rack are all my wedges/sandals that have been put away for winter.

2) What is the single most worn shoe in your closet? 
These uber comfy Vince Camuto Ellen flats are my go-to right now. Mostly because I tend to wear a lot of greys/blacks in the fall and they easily add a dash of colour. Plus did I mention they're comfy? They're like wrapping my feet in a quilt, but prettier.  I found them on Hautelook for 1/2 the retail price, so that makes them even better.

3) Favorite pair of shoes?
Tough question, but I think the prize goes to this pair because of how unique they are and comfy too.  Nothing like a shiny pick pair of bowling shoes that have heels and tie up with silk laces.  I found these ones online a couple years ago through DSW and they get tons of comments every time I wear them.

4) Tell us the oldest shoe in your closet that you still wear.
I haven't actually worn these in awhile, but they are the oldest shoe.  I got these while on our honeymoon 10 years ago in New York.  I don't remember what I was wearing at the time but I just couldn't go another step in them.  Hubby and I popped into a random Payless and I found these babies.  They're weird, but I like them.  

5)  Do you have shoes in your closet that you can't get rid of, even though you know you will never wear it again?   
I will only not wear these again because they are slightly too snug.  I may actually wear them more now that I'm not spending all day in a classroom on my feet and instead just going out here and there.  My hubby had these custom made for me through a campaign in kickstarter.   They even have my initials in them.

6)  What is your biggest clothing splurge?  Was it worth it?
Last fall when Christy and I took on Vancouver for our annual shopping trip, I fell in love with these boots. I have thick strong, athletic calves and usually struggle finding boots that do up, these are perfect and they're comfy and the heel isn't too high.  Miz Mooz is pricey, but so worth it, in case you were wondering.  Also, they make me feel like Mary Poppins.

7)  Tell us about the best bargain in your closet! 
A lot of my shoes come from Winners, so finding a killer pair of Michael Kors heels at discount price is definitely the best bargain.  I love these shoes.  LOVE.

8)  If you could buy anything for your closet right now, what would it be?
Booties/Shooties.  I don't think flats are going to be as practical for my day-to-day once the weather gets cold, so I would like to have a couple pairs that I can use to replace when I would normally wear flats. 

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  1. oh my gosh, I've told you before, but I seriously love your shoes. Love how you did it like PTMT style...very cute :) So cool that one pair of shoes has your intials in it...:)

  2. I love them all, but my favorite is the Mary Poppins boots because.....Mary Poppins :)! And then of course there is your closet....

  3. Every time I see how many shoes you have I feel less guilty about my shoe collection. So I bought 2 more pairs today :)

    1. you got the Sam Edelman leopard print and what else??!!!

  4. I now want a shoe closet... and those Michael Kors!

  5. nice sandals.................

  6. I love those pink and white bowling shoes with heels! It is not a surprise those get compliments every time they are worn.

  7. Love that you can display and enjoy seeing your great shoes. Mine are on ugly, dysfunctional shoe racks at the bottom of my closet. I tend to wear the ones I can see and get to the easiest. Would love to join up with you for a linkup like this What's On... you are doing. Could I start one and invite blogger gals from our Fall Challenge to join in? Can you tell me how I would do it? Thank you!


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