3 purple lies

The weekend done in several run on sentences and lots of pictures

This past weekend was one of those weekend where you feel like every minute of each day is booked up and even though it's booked up with fun events, you still kinda dread it because of all the running around and then all the running around happens and it turns out to all be fun, which leaves you on Sunday evening, sitting back with a cup of tea, leafing through the pictures and smiling because the weekend that was going to be really busy turned out to be lots of fun.

Congrats if you're still following, after that long- winded sentence.

Friday Willis had his first school "dance" and we actually went.  He spent his time not dancing, but hanging out with his friend Noah next to the canteen. Boys.  After that we went and got Dan from the airport, he had worked in Victoria all week.

Saturday was the most pleasant because we did family photos for some friends.....here's a cute example of what Kyla and I can do when we get along:

Then it was the afternoon and I even worked out without complaining.  That's 2 weeks of Insanity down, without even skipping a day!

Then evening came and I thought I was staying home to babysit Kyla's kids so Rob and Kyla could go out for their anniversary, which is today, by the way.  Happy 7 years of wedded bliss.  And Dan was all "hey, we should get dressed up and have a date at home" and I was not into that but then in the end it turns out that Kyla and Rob were lying to me and really they were planning a surprise date for Dan and I.
Because why not.
Benefits of having live-in babysitters.
Live in thoughtful babysitters, that is.

So I did end up getting ready and Kyla threw in a family portrait session, which the kids weren't in to at all.  They were typical non-listeners, but I'm not too surprised. Dan hates getting pictures done and I do recall a family photo incident where I cried all the way there and had swollen, red eyes for the pictures. But Kyla did capture some keepers and some that capture more the....personality....of my kids, let's see you if you can tell which ones I'll be hanging on my walls.

That was then, this is now. Our engagement photo recreated, 10 years later.
So the date was fun, I loved having an excuse to wear heals again, although my feet were killing me after 3 hours...not too sure how I wore these babies teaching all day!

In case you were curious, we went out for supper at a new Steakhouse in Saskatoon, CUT and it was awesome. Then we thought about going to a movie, but there wasn't much we wanted to see, so we went to the Casino instead, neither of us had been.  And I guess there's a reason for that. We drove the 25 km to the Dakota Dunes Casino, played 20$ in slots and left 10 minutes later. Good times.  We then figured we should have dessert, and Dan had never been to Homestead, but it was closing, so instead we went to McNally where Dan got a book instead of dessert because we figured we should end the night cuddling and reading.  I had my Shopaholic for the Stars to start reading.  We also picked up blizzards for ourselves and Kyla and Rob and ended up chatting with them for most of the night.  And when I say most of the night, I mean that we were in bed by 1030. Because that is how we roll.

Sunday was spent with friends at a our annual Halloween party for the kids (and mimosa drinking for the adults- I love when Sara hosts)  The kids weren't too pleased

and then we hosted supper club "restaurant inspired" with the other group of friends.  What a great way to end a weekend/start the week!

Jordan, Boone and I were all in our challenge outfits!!!!

Happy Monday!


  1. SO beautiful and your engagement pics? Love!
    Being a city dweller, I really enjoy seeing where you live :)
    Looks like you had a great weekend,

  2. your pictures turned out great! Love that your sister surprised you with a date. What a great, full weekend :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend - LOVE your family pictures!

  4. I know I sad it on facebook, but I will say it again...those pictures are great! I love the personality that shows through!
    Love your date look too! :)


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