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On being an aunt. Revisited

Once upon a time I posted about my fear of not getting to  know my niece, Kinsey, like my sister was able to get to know Willis (who at that that point had been the only kid around and therefore anyone had an ample amount of time to soak up the cuteness of that monster).

But I solved that problem. Kyla's family moved in with us and now I have all the time in the world with my two cute little nieces and I LOVE it.  I finally am getting that relationship that is so important for me to have.
BAM.  Now just to get them to stay forever.

But let's talk about Kinsey today because she is one of the neatest, most unique, dramatic, athletic, sincere, thoughtful, quirky, loud and intelligent little ones that I have yet to know.

    Kinsey is a story teller and has a vivid imagination.  Currently during story time, the woman from the red earth comes to tell her stories and tagging along is a mischievous (and imaginary) child named Doota, who is three and whose parents' names are Giraffy and Lisa.  Doota always tries to get Kinsey in trouble and traps her, but then he is brought back to the burnt planet.  

Kinsey loves hugs, especially from Willis.  She will also cry if we don't give her hugs goodbye. Okay, she cries at everything, but she is her mother's child. Muhahaha.

Kinsey is a child of order.  Everything is sorted and in lines (she is her father's child, afterall) Apparently when in line at Walmart she will put the gums in order. She could also spend hours, literally, drawing princess brides.  

During the past couple weeks I have been keeping a running note in my phone of things that she says:

On almost drowning kittens at her Grandma's farm: Mommy, I tried to give the kitties a bath in the tub, I'm so sorry, I forgot!

 When leaving zoo school: I'm a hugger of strangers

On winning a huge pile of cards in "war": That's incredible!

On her cousin: I want to sit across from Willis so I can stare at his beautiful eyes.

She has a charming little voice and her expressions are priceless.  I tried to capture (while using an app, OneDay) some of her idiosyncrasies so you could see for yourself              

IMG 4925[1] from Dee on Vimeo.

When I look back at the moments we are living right now, in the middle of this crazy mess of 4 adults and 4 kids in one house, I know that in 20 years I won't remember the moments I wanted to pull my hair out because the walls were covered in finger prints and my lipsticks were missing.  I won't recall how good silence at the end of the night felt nor how my shoes were always rearranged or missing.
I know I will treasure instead that precious time I got to spent in the front line of my niece's life and how I got to witness her grow and change and become the beautiful, strong, bright and caring girl I know she will be.

Have a lovely weekend, from my crazy to yours.


  1. You are very luck to be spending this time with your nieces. I'm jealous.

  2. Kinsey is such a wonderful and interesting little girl. I quite enjoy any time I get to be around her, she is just so neat. So wonderful you get to spend this time with your nieces!

  3. Awesome, Awesome post. Loved hearing about Kinsey and your blooming relationship with her! She is too adorable! I love all the stuff that has come out her her!


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