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My Top 5 photos of me which took me FOREVER to find because I'm the photographer, not the photographee

Most of the time when I see pictures of myself I am critical, noticing the things I would want to change.  That is why I picked our Top 5 pictures of me for this link up, I wanted to be pushed to see me the way that my friends and family see me.  If that makes any sense.  So here are my top 5 pictures of moi...
....awkward silence....

Okay, that took way longer than I thought it would.  I was being critical. Again.  So then I asked Kyla, who was baking some chocolate chip banana muffins and Dan who was working  swearing at Microsoft, what their favourite pictures were.  Kyla listed off a handful and then Dan rambled something about that being an impossible question (oh, that analytical Simairboy) and that he couldn't answer because it was like asking me what jeans I like best that were the nicest and kindest of all the really good jeans.
So I dug deeper and came up with some, that you may not agree with, but I'll explain.


This is 19 year old Deena during a 6 week program in Quebec.  Life was good, I had no worries and I was living in Jonquière for the summer.  My hair was a boxdyed colour of something from L'Oreal, my nose was pierced and I was in shape due to all the free time because I DIDN''T HAVE KIDS. or a boyfriend or a career.

This is that same summer at one of our random stops with our group of friends.  I don't recall what we were doing there, all I can see ARE MY FREAKING ARMS and FLAT TUMMY. Holy hell I was ripped. Did I mention that I was in shape back then and DIDN'T HAVE KIDS!!!!


This is me and my Grandpa Park at Sandy Lake circa 1984ish.  This is the second part of a classic photo that is framed in our entryway of Grandpa and I.  I have also painted it.  You can Where's Waldo it in this post.  I forgot all about this version of the picture and was pleased to find it as I was going to use the other one.


Wedding pictures.  Because which bride doesn't feel like a million bucks on her wedding day.  I sure did.  I loved my dress, I loved my veil (my mom's veil that I crafted into something for myself) I now wish I would have paid more attention to my shoes...I don't even remember wearing shoes. That's so unlike me.

 number 4)
Pictures where I smile.  I like my smile and my white, straight teeth.  Thank you mom and dad for braces.  I also like how Lucia and I are rocking the plaid and the love that you can see in my eyes for my little doll.

My hair really worked for this wedding.  Kyla and I were doing photos for our cousin, Lea's shindig and Lucia and I also pulled off a twinning look, if you ask me.
This is the most recent picture of myself that I like.  Taken in our hotel bathroom in NYC a couple weeks ago before heading out to see If/Then.  Must just be the glow of being in NYC. I guess I'll will have to go back.
So thanks for stopping by a much more difficult than I thought post.  That was a good reflection pour moi!  I am most happiest when I'm smiling and feeling good about myself.  Note to self, get on a better workout agenda.

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  1. I had a really hard time with this one too!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your pics but I think my fav are the ones where you are a momma... you can just see how happy you are! I love your smiling pics, you do have an amazing smile!

  2. First, I didn't know you had braces. I can't remember you in braces. Wait, were they clear? Second, I also don't remember my wedding shoes, also odd as a fellow shoe lover. Third, your hair did turn out great for that wedding! Fourth, I love all the photos!

    1. Seriously Chrrrrr...they were clear. Don't you remember the hideous contraption I had on the top of my mouth for that tooth!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks SO much for this topic :)! You did a great job choosing your photos, Ah, yes, our 19 year old selves before kids and jobs. You are RADIANT in your wedding pictures, and glowing in the ones with Lucia. I love them all - you are one beautiful lady!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm just glad you're still talking to me b/c I forced you to post pictures of you :)

  4. You look great in all these photos! Lucia was seriously a doll baby! SO CUTE!!!

  5. oh my gosh, that one of you and Lucia is just so precious. Like we're intruding on an intimate moment between you guys. I love it so much. Holy Arms! I've never had arms like that...I love your smile and your white straight teeth.

    1. I think I may have taken that one of Lucia and I. Inspector Gadget arms.

  6. Great post, Deena! I was just giggling about your no kids comments. :) Seriously, the picture with Grandpa touched my heart. Love the wedding, kids and of course the today photo - which is stunningly beautiful. Have a lovely weekend, friend!

  7. My favourite one is the first one of you and Lucia. You do have great teeth (among many other things). I also like the one where you look ripped. . . . because man do you look ripped!

    1. Not quite as ripped as you and your ridiculously ripped legs.

  8. All the photos are beautiful, but I especially like the one of you and baby in plaid - and the photo of you in your wedding dress on the stairs could win awards!

    1. Thanks!!! I was hoping you'd link up this go around....are you playing shy??????!!!!!!

  9. These photos are all beautiful! This was an awesome topic! I'd have a hard time picking 5 pics too, but you hit it outta the park! Love them. Did you enjoy if/then? I so want to see that!! The City is just a short train ride away from me...if I didn't have ankle issues at the time you were there, I might have come to find you! LOL

    1. DAMN ANKLE! I would have loved that!!! If/Then was really good but mostly really really good b/c of Idina and the cast of Rent. I'll have to catch you next time!


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