My 5 Fave NYC post


Today I'm giving you a quick post of 5 NYC random thoughts that kind of tie into the whole Thanksgiving thing that is happening this weekend:

1.  I am grateful for being able to go on a vacation with my mom and sister.  We get along quite grandly and can still poke fun at one another without freaking the freak out.  It's important to have strong women in your life and these are two of the strongest in mine.

2.  Going away for any length of time always makes me miss my husband.  It was so nice to being able to snuggle up against him, it makes me want to work much much harder on our relationship, especially now that he's travelling more for work.  He even left for Victoria the morning after I got back from NYC.  As we approach our 10 year wedding anniversary, I find myself thinking quite often about ways I can make this be a model relationship for our kids.  I married a wonderfully loyal man who would give anything for his family.  I want him to feel the same pride about me.

3. Lucia had tears in her eyes when she saw me at the airport upon our return.  She almost cried.  On the car ride home after, she told me that she almost cried because she missed me so much.  Love it!  I mean, I don't love it that she missed me so much, I'm just happy I was missed at all, I guess. Willis launched into cling on koala bear mode as soon as he got home.  They haven't stopped snuggling me since.

4.  I accidentally missed my 1000th post celebration whilst away.  Actually, it would have worked out to be today had I stuck to my original plan and not posted live.  Instead my 1000th post was actually on Saturday....yaaaaa....ooops.  Maybe I'll do something fun next week and festoon the blog in awesomeness.  I actually only said that because I wanted to use the word festoon.  Festoooooon.

5.  It's Thanksgiving this weekend and I can't wait to see my family.  Josh and Nicole and BrotherBear are all home, which makes it even more lovely.  Lots of turkey and pies to be had.  Mom also reminded me that it was 10 years ago on Thanksgiving that my lovely bridesmaids threw me a shower/stagette.  I'm a so grateful to still have these beautiful friends in my life and it brought tears to my eyes to see our beloved Celine in that last picture; I miss that girl.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, Canadian Friends and for my more southernly friends....I suggest you eat some pie this weekend to keep up with us.

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  1. Awww....I love that you missed your hubby when you were gone. And your kids are just adorable. 1000 posts? Wow - that's impressive. Happy Thanksgiving to you - I will definitely eat some pie this weekend in honor of all my Canadian friends!

  2. You sure do have lots to be thankful for! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your sweet fam!! And if you insist, I shall eat pie!! :)


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