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I wanted to do this post last week and it's a good thing that I checked our topics, because I would have to repeat anyway...(and it turns out I missed the photo one in the midst of all that checking)
This list was easy

1- The bouquet of fall colours, especially on the riverbank.  Recently, Lucia and I discovered the thrill of going for a run on the riverbank after we drop Willis off at school.  It's like running through a painting every day.  And we've even had the chance to stop by and say hi to Daddy who has this view every day.

2- Fall movies.  Some must watches for me are: You've Got Mail, StepMom, Sleepless in Seattle, Home for the Holidays.  I feel like I could go on forever with this list.

3- Recipes.  I think the big joy that I find in all recipes in the fall is getting accustomed to cooking inside again.   Turkeys,  pot roasts, yorkshire puddings, apple and pumpkin pies are all things that scream fall to me.

4-Thanksgiving.  This may be one of my most favourite holidays. because of the colours on the drive home to PA and the food.  Okay, it's mostly the food. Alright- and the time with family.

5- The promise of Christmas
Enough said.  That's the next best thing happening!

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  1. Stopping by from the link-up. Fall is definitely my favorite as well...and as you said, the food is one of the main reasons ;)

  2. Great movie list! I have not seen most of those in ages! I'm with you on the food! Looking forward to Thanksgiving this year!


    1. You could celebrate Thanksgiving with us next weekend, double it up!

  3. I love your pictures! Lucia behind the tree, your son in the leaves, the dessert table - perfect!

  4. While reading your list I remembered that I also love slow cooker recipes. It feels wrong to use your slow cooker in the summer.... Great list!

    1. Totally agree- I can't remember the last time I used mine.

  5. I came over from the link up! Great post!

  6. YES those are fall movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love them all!!!!

    1. Too bad there is no fall ball to watch :(

  7. Great photos! You made me hungry.
    Thanks for co-hosting this fun linkup. I wrote my post on Saturday - but forgot to link it up until tonight!


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