A Day in the life of me- fall edition

by - October 20, 2014

I have only been at this new routine for a month, but I feel confidant that I've gotten into the groove of things and can share what a typical day looks like in my new, no classroom, but still kinda teaching, life.

Wake up - 7 am.  Get kids' breakfast, get dressed and get out the door by 8:15 at the latest.  We have a 25 minute to and from school and I've learned to borrow audiobooks and listen to them on the road. I was listening to "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie for book club and am now waiting for a new one.   The kids sometimes watch a movie in the truck or read or argue or sing loudly.

Morning activities can include a run on the riverbank,  errands or just going home to play.
We do have activities scheduled for Lucia that take place in the morning like Zoo Camp and Learn to Skate.

Lunch time is always followed by Lucia's quiet time.  Sometimes she watches a movie, sometimes her and Kinsey play. I use this time to do my cyber work which is usually answering technical questions from my students or doing my corrections.  I also check the blogs I read during this time. I think I'll have to do a separate post on what it looks like being a cyber teacher.

 Afternoon activities include lots of drawing, dancing or playing outside.  I also start the supper prep or now that the Golightlys are living here, I may just watch Kyla make supper.  We have a cleaning routine in place and my daily chore gets done during this time.

 We have to leave around  2:30 in order to get Willis at school.  On Tuesdays Willis has swimming and Wednesdays, piano after school, otherwise we boot it home to get work done before supper.  After school Willis has to unpack his backpack, get his school homework done (usually 20 minutes of reading homework) and then his piano (25 minutes of practicing).  The girls usually play some sort of princess/Frozen related game during this time.

5:30 supper time followed by kitchen cleanup, lunch packing and next day preparations.  The kids have been getting some outside play time with the dogs in after supper seeing the weather has been so fallerrific.  They also enjoy dance parties.  Okay. So do I.

If Willis gets all his work done and has had a great day, then he gets some "freedom" from 7-730 while I get Lucia bathed/ready for bed.  He usually chooses time on the PS3, or will often play Pokemon with Dan.
Lucia is in bed by 730 and asleep by 8.
Willis is in bed by 8 and asleep by 830.

My favourite time in this house right now is after bedtime.  Not having to prep or worry about the next day in a classroom has made my evenings very enjoyable.  Sometimes I do more correcting, or I blog, or I work on random projects on my computer.  I also often just chill and watch Netflix (my current show is Pretty Little Liars- so horrible and addicting).

a quiet house; nothing is stirring, not even a mouse. 

My bedtime is usually 10-1030 and I often read before I go to bed.  I'm currently reading Pride and Prejudice.  Other bedtime routines include Crest Whitestrips, a face mask, a body wrap or nail painting.

Tis my life, and I am almost feeling like I've got my brain warpped around a new schedule.  There are things that need improving: a 6am workout for me and piano lessons for Kinsey and Lucia will start happening during the day (I have a hankering to teach)

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  1. Love reading about your day! And I want to have a dance party now....

  2. I love getting a glimpse I to your day! Good reminder I should be doing another of these soon...

  3. I love reading about people's day, mine would look like this, wake up for work at a ridiculously early hour, go to work, come home 12 hours later, fix dinner, kids to bed, fix my lunch for tomorrow, watch tv, bed...boring stuff, haha.

    1. I love learning new things about my new friends! I also like trying to guess what people do for a living.

  4. Oooo excited to read your post on being a Cyber Teacher. I'm very intrigued.

    1. you will have to drag me, kicking and screaming back into a classroom

  5. LOVE this post. I am very envious of your routine. It sounds fabulous!

    1. it just needs more sushi dates with you

  6. Love this!!1 PLEASE do a post about Cyber Teaching....so cool!!! Oh and I too enjoy a good dance party every now and then!! :)


Have a lovely day!