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5 things I miss about being a teen.

Today's linkup was harder than I thought. I got caught on number 5...but I was also listening to the final game of the World Series, while browsing my favourite shops (Simons) online and wasting time on Facebook.  But in the end, my number five is the most significant and the most true....... So here we go.

1.  Simplicity- I miss the easiness of everything.  I went to school, did my homework, played my sports, had my meals made for me and spent time with my friends.  I would say I had a pretty good life, sheltered, loved and comfortable.  Not that I don't have that now, there's just WAY more simplicity.

2.  The wide open future:  High School Deena wanted to be a psychologist, but then I decided I wanted to go to University in Quebec, so I became a High School teacher.  My major is French, my minor originally was English, but then I switched it to Fine Arts.  I don't know why I didn't pursue something more creative (although teaching got to be very creative for me, I did direct musicals which was fun)  It was just nice to know that I could choose anything; the canvas was blank.  It oftens make me think what I would decide differenly if I could go back.

3.  The time for everything and anything-  5 cent candies, multiple Welcome Inn slushes a day, watching sports (even watching my future husband, AirSimair do his thang)  I never felt rushed around, except when I was trying to fit all my activities in.   Ringette tournaments, ball tournaments, fundraising, school SRC and events....I was so busy. How did I keep up with everything?

4.   I miss my legs.  That is all.  How could I have thought I was overweight back then.  What a skewed perception of myself I had.

5.  The friends - I had great friends and pretty decent boyfriends during high school.  I started off a bit rough, but got my shiznit together and dated good guys from then on.  I loved my friends.  Some of the major players in my high school life have passed away since our graduation and I miss them dearly.
Kelly passed away in 2001 in a car accident

André passed away in 2008 in a car accident

Celine (on right) passed away last November 
There are moments that I wish I could go back to high school, it was so much easier then.  But at the same time, I love this little family and the life we've created.

On another note, if you're interested in the next wardrobe challenge, check it out and sign up, why don't ya?  It's a great experience and even though I had said I wasn't going to, I just hate missing out on things...and also I convinced my mom to join in. YAYAYAYAYYA.  Mom, here is the link for you and for anyone else! Build Your Wardrobe Basics Banner


  1. How did I not know that high school deena wanted to be a psychologist??? High school chriaty wanted to be a teacher!!!!

    1. I think that came from too much Days of our Lives...

  2. Awww...I love this post. I miss all those things too. I'm so sorry for the friends you have lost - one of the worst parts of growing older.

  3. love this post - it's fun to look back sometimes!
    it makes me sad that you've lost so many friends :(

  4. Great post! I too was SO busy, but somehow managed to do everything and be everywhere! lol!
    It is sad too how we judged ourselves back then. If only we knew....

    1. It's kinda like how life was like before did I not do more??

  5. Wow, Deena, that is quite a few friends that have already passed away. I think you nailed it with simplicity - that's the word I was looking for while I was writing my post - a simple life.

    1. It was so simple...but I didn't think so then, I'm sure.

  6. Great post. Simplicity sums up a lot of the 5 thoughts I just expressed in a comment on Lana's post. I am so sorry for the loss of your friends.

  7. I agree with the body image one. I thought I was overweight too. We were idiots. I often wonder how I would help my daughter have a realistic view of herself. My mom always told me the truth, but I obviously didn't listen to her. I would rather believe the lies I told myself (if you can believe it, I hated my legs. . . .I thought they were fat). I miss the simplicity of HS as well.

    1. You just gave me a great idea for a future post about how do deal with a daughter and self-esteem


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