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5 things I miss about being a teen.

Today's linkup was harder than I thought. I got caught on number 5...but I was also listening to the final game of the World Series, while browsing my favourite shops (Simons) online and wasting time on Facebook.  But in the end, my number five is the most significant and the most true....... So here we go.

1.  Simplicity- I miss the easiness of everything.  I went to school, did my homework, played my sports, had my meals made for me and spent time with my friends.  I would say I had a pretty good life, sheltered, loved and comfortable.  Not that I don't have that now, there's just WAY more simplicity.

Style challenge 3

This is our second last What I Wore While doing Alison's Fall Challenge.   I'm getting to the point that I'm lazy at selfies and forgetting the small details that I wanted to work on.  Ah well, Alison is running a Wardrobe Basics for Women over 40 and while I'm approaching that, I think I've got my necessities down, so I think I'll be skipping out on this one. I, however, will definitely be signing up for her winter/holiday challenge.

Here's what I attempted this week:
Wednesday Alison said: long cardigan, layering t, plaid scarf, boyfriend jeans, oxfords.
I did oversized cardi (Winners) white T (Superstore), plaid scarf (Aldo accessories), boyfriend jeans (Gap-old), Hush Puppie boots.

Thursday Alison said: striped layering T, puffer vest, leopard scarf, dark denim and riding boots
I wore my Gap uniform: brown puffer, striped shirt, jeggings and then my Chinese Laundry boots.  Oh, and the leopard scarf which I think is from Simons.

The weekend done in several run on sentences and lots of pictures

This past weekend was one of those weekend where you feel like every minute of each day is booked up and even though it's booked up with fun events, you still kinda dread it because of all the running around and then all the running around happens and it turns out to all be fun, which leaves you on Sunday evening, sitting back with a cup of tea, leafing through the pictures and smiling because the weekend that was going to be really busy turned out to be lots of fun.
Congrats if you're still following, after that long- winded sentence.

Friday Willis had his first school "dance" and we actually went.  He spent his time not dancing, but hanging out with his friend Noah next to the canteen. Boys.  After that we went and got Dan from the airport, he had worked in Victoria all week.

Saturday was the most pleasant because we did family photos for some's a cute example of what Kyla and I can do when we get along:

Then it was the afternoon and I even …

On being an aunt. Revisited

Once upon a time I posted about my fear of not getting to  know my niece, Kinsey, like my sister was able to get to know Willis (who at that that point had been the only kid around and therefore anyone had an ample amount of time to soak up the cuteness of that monster).

But I solved that problem. Kyla's family moved in with us and now I have all the time in the world with my two cute little nieces and I LOVE it.  I finally am getting that relationship that is so important for me to have.
BAM.  Now just to get them to stay forever.

But let's talk about Kinsey today because she is one of the neatest, most unique, dramatic, athletic, sincere, thoughtful, quirky, loud and intelligent little ones that I have yet to know.

    Kinsey is a story teller and has a vivid imagination.  Currently during story time, the woman from the red earth comes to tell her stories and tagging along is a mischievous (and imaginary) child named Doota, who is three and whose parents' names are Giraf…

Fall challenge- le deux

Welcome to the second week in the wonderful world of a fall fashion wannabe.   The weather in Sask has been stellar and cooperating, unlike the Spring Challenge and  I could actually pull off the outfits that Alison suggested.  Read- it hasn't snowed.

1) Wednesday Alison said:  plaid shirt, tassel necklace, dark denim, ankle boots.
I did:  old plaid shirt (Old Navy), old Gap jeggings, old Gap brown puffer for the am, Stella Dot sanibel pendant and my new ankle boots (Hush Puppies, found in NYC). (yay me)

2) Thursday Alison said: dressy sweater, boyfriend jeans, leopard print shoes.
I said: New Michael Kors Glitter Poncho (NYC find)  (it has a removable fur scarf thing, which I removed and snapped a picture then promptly deleted. I have concluded that it looks way better with the fur)  Vigoss skinny jeans and Joie Plaid loafers (Nordstrom Rack- NYC).  The wallet is from DSW in NYC also...ahhhh that was a great visit to Union Square

A Day in the life of me- fall edition

I have only been at this new routine for a month, but I feel confidant that I've gotten into the groove of things and can share what a typical day looks like in my new, no classroom, but still kinda teaching, life.

Wake up - 7 am.  Get kids' breakfast, get dressed and get out the door by 8:15 at the latest.  We have a 25 minute to and from school and I've learned to borrow audiobooks and listen to them on the road. I was listening to "And Then There Were None" by Agatha Christie for book club and am now waiting for a new one.   The kids sometimes watch a movie in the truck or read or argue or sing loudly.

My Top 5 photos of me which took me FOREVER to find because I'm the photographer, not the photographee

Most of the time when I see pictures of myself I am critical, noticing the things I would want to change.  That is why I picked our Top 5 pictures of me for this link up, I wanted to be pushed to see me the way that my friends and family see me.  If that makes any sense.  So here are my top 5 pictures of moi... .. .,. ... ....awkward silence.... ... .
Okay, that took way longer than I thought it would.  I was being critical. Again.  So then I asked Kyla, who was baking some chocolate chip banana muffins and Dan who was working  swearing at Microsoft, what their favourite pictures were.  Kyla listed off a handful and then Dan rambled something about that being an impossible question (oh, that analytical Simairboy) and that he couldn't answer because it was like asking me what jeans I like best that were the nicest and kindest of all the really good jeans. Whatever. So I dug deeper and came up with some, that you may not agree with, but I'll explain.

Fall Challenge Week 1

We're back for the fourth style challenge offered by Alison at Get Your Pretty On.  I find that I'm buying less and less for these challenges as I discover the possibilities that are hiding in the depths of my closet.   This challenge is huge, there are 1100 ladies in the Facebook group alone, whereas I think there were only 400 in the inaugural challenge this past spring.   1100 kinda intimidates me, it makes me almost not post my Outfits of the Day because of the stage fright, but in the end style wins.
Here's what I did for the first couple days:
Monday Alison said:  striped top, tasseled necklace, boyfriend jeans, ankle boots and fall back.
My version: striped top (Gap-old), black blazer (Simons-old), boyfriend  jeans (Gap-old), necklace- homemade tassle (it's just a long silver chain that I tied in a tassle), green purse (Marc Jacobs-old), booties (Dirty Laundry- a find in New York)

Tuesday Alison said: military jacket, long sleeved layering shirt, plaid scarf, b…

In the spirit of gratitude

I wasn't planning on posting today, it is a holiday, after all.
But last minute we decided to come home Sunday night instead of Monday, which gave me a quiet evening to go through my photos from our Thanksgiving weekend.
 (Love when the kids fall asleep on the car ride home from P.A, that's a blessing in itself.  Hubby and I were able to have a great talk, without interruptions.  Kinda.  I might have spent a lot of time trying to figure out if it was the moon taking it's sweetasstime rising in all it's glowing red glory, or if it was a fire burning and pulsating in the distance- TransCanada had just blown up somewhere in that direction too.  It turns out it was both: a Harvest Moon and the glow of a fire. Or a spaceship)
Wow. That was a long sentence.
So, Thanksgiving.  Two full days, two households, both alike in dignity, in fair Prince Albert is where we lay our scene.
We had Uncle Josh and Nicole home from Winnipeg, as well as the somewhat bearded Uncle Chris. And …

My 5 Fave NYC post

Today I'm giving you a quick post of 5 NYC random thoughts that kind of tie into the whole Thanksgiving thing that is happening this weekend:

1.  I am grateful for being able to go on a vacation with my mom and sister.  We get along quite grandly and can still poke fun at one another without freaking the freak out.  It's important to have strong women in your life and these are two of the strongest in mine.

NYC, Day 5: the one with all the shopping

We spent 8 hours at Woodbury Common Outlet today.  8.  Actually, I think we could have done another hour or two had the bus times for return trips been normal.  But they weren't.  I think the husbands plotted that.

8 hours at the outlet brought many purchases.
Kyla's favourite purchase was her Marc Jacobs' bag.
Mom's favourite is some black tank top with leather accents
My favourite is the Tory Burch cognac clutch/crossbody bag.

We all left happy.  Mind you, we did have to drag Mom out of some old lady stores and we spent what seemed like a lot of time convincing her that she could wear a skirt.  And then there was all the time spent pondering purchases and picking out just that right piece.

I felt like I was a smart shopper today (and I also feel like I need some high fives).  There were a couple times where I was standing in line, ready to purchase a very cute sweater, or denim vest, when I decided in the end that I really didn't need it.

Instead I stuck to my ba…

What's feet

Linking up today with the lovely Andrea at Momfessionals who is a teacher with lots of spunk and energy and she makes me recall longingly the enthusiasm I once possessed....

My "What's on my feet" today will be a tour of my shoe closet.  Yes, I have a shoe closet.  I am a shoe addict and am proud to profess it.  I'm going to do this in the style of a closet confessional, borrowing the question Shaeffer uses on her blog...but a shoe version, for a shoe addict, me!

1)  What is the item in your closet that you have the most of? 
Shoes!!!  Actually if you could see to the left you'd see racks of clothes too, in which case I would say I have tons of various blouses and tops.  But shoes.  Definitely shoes.  On the top rack are all my wedges/sandals that have been put away for winter.

2) What is the single most worn shoe in your closet?
These uber comfy Vince Camuto Ellen flats are my go-to right now. Mostly because I tend to wear a lot of greys/blacks in the fall and they…

NYC Day 4: the one with all the cupcakes

I think we could have spent the day sleeping, but that's not cool, so we didn't.
Instead, we were off on another Subway adventure, trying to find our way down to Little Italy for a food tour, booked as a recommend from our family friend Stephanie.  We had a tough time figuring out which tour to do as the Foods of NY tours offers a quite a variety, but I think the Nolita/Noho tour that we picked fit perfectly with our "exploring the East Side of the city" theme.  Which really wasn't a predetermined theme, but it's what we ended up doing.
We started at 1045 at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop for what was probably the best cupcake we've ever tasted, so says Kyla.  The Brooklyn Blackout was indeed perfection.  We then proceeded on a 3ish hour walking tour which guided us through quaint streets, stopping here and there, learning about the area's history.  It was a small tour, I think maybe with 12 of us and our tour guide was phenomenal, which really makes or…

NYC: Day 3; I`m on a roll.

Today was the first real shopping day which took us, in the rain, to Union Square where we wanted to visit Nordstrom Rack and DSW.  It poured all morning and was humid all the same time, I shouldn't really have spent so much time putting makeup on when it was sweated and rained off in the first 5 minutes outside.  On brighter note, we managed to navigate the Subway system without an error and Mom even hailed a cab. Purchases were made at each store and I think everyone came out happy.  I found booties and a cream sweater (exactly what I wanted) but started feeling ill in Nordstrom.  No, hubby, it was not shopper's remorse.  I think I over-heated.  By the time we stopped for lunch at 5 napkins, I could barely eat and was seriously contemplating going back to the hotel.  But luckily the tylenol kicked in and I got my body temperature regulated and I started feeling normal again. But then Kyla was starting to get tired, she is 6 months pregnant, after all.  So we decided the sho…

NYC day 2. Because wine not.

Day 2 It felt good to sleep this morning.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss my little family, but damn.
Sleep is good.  I think we put in a good 12 hours, having gone to bed around 9.
We were up and ready for 9, and had our lovely continental breakfast  (yay for upgrades).  I had plotted out our whole route today with subway in mind, you just never know what to expect with a preggers and an old lady with you, but alas, we ended up walking. It was gorgeous and sunny out today. Although it doesn’t look very fally here- the trees are still very green. 

We ended up walking to FAO Schwartz where we did our Christmas shopping.  There are going to be some very happy little children, I’m super pumped at the gifts I found for Willis and Lucia.  Okay, I found something there for Dan too.    Between the three of us, we decided that we had too many bags, so we opted to have it messengered to our hotel which was brilliant. It was so nice to continue on our walk up to Serendipity 3 without all that bagg…