5 things I miss about being a teen.

Today's linkup was harder than I thought. I got caught on number 5...but I was also listening to the final game of the World Series, while browsing my favourite shops (Simons) online and wasting time on Facebook.  But in the end, my number five is the most significant and the most true....... So here we go.

1.  Simplicity- I miss the easiness of everything.  I went to school, did my homework, played my sports, had my meals made for me and spent time with my friends.  I would say I had a pretty good life, sheltered, loved and comfortable.  Not that I don't have that now, there's just WAY more simplicity.

Style challenge 3

This is our second last What I Wore While doing Alison's Fall Challenge.   I'm getting to the point that I'm lazy at selfies and forgetting the small details that I wanted to work on.  Ah well, Alison is running a Wardrobe Basics for Women over 40 and while I'm approaching that, I think I've got my necessities down, so I think I'll be skipping out on this one. I, however, will definitely be signing up for her winter/holiday challenge.

Here's what I attempted this week:
Wednesday Alison said: long cardigan, layering t, plaid scarf, boyfriend jeans, oxfords.
I did oversized cardi (Winners) white T (Superstore), plaid scarf (Aldo accessories), boyfriend jeans (Gap-old), Hush Puppie boots.

Thursday Alison said: striped layering T, puffer vest, leopard scarf, dark denim and riding boots
I wore my Gap uniform: brown puffer, striped shirt, jeggings and then my Chinese Laundry boots.  Oh, and the leopard scarf which I think is from Simons.

Fall challenge- le deux

Welcome to the second week in the wonderful world of a fall fashion wannabe.   The weather in Sask has been stellar and cooperating, unlike the Spring Challenge and  I could actually pull off the outfits that Alison suggested.  Read- it hasn't snowed.

1) Wednesday Alison said:  plaid shirt, tassel necklace, dark denim, ankle boots.
I did:  old plaid shirt (Old Navy), old Gap jeggings, old Gap brown puffer for the am, Stella Dot sanibel pendant and my new ankle boots (Hush Puppies, found in NYC). (yay me)

Confession- I'm not sure I love this look on me.  I think it's mostly the leggings with the boots. I feel my legs need to be longer.

2) Thursday Alison said: dressy sweater, boyfriend jeans, leopard print shoes.
I said: New Michael Kors Glitter Poncho (NYC find)  (it has a removable fur scarf thing, which I removed and snapped a picture then promptly deleted. I have concluded that it looks way better with the fur)  Vigoss skinny jeans and Joie Plaid loafers (Nordstrom Rack- NYC).  The wallet is from DSW in NYC also...ahhhh that was a great visit to Union Square

My 5 Fave NYC post

Today I'm giving you a quick post of 5 NYC random thoughts that kind of tie into the whole Thanksgiving thing that is happening this weekend:

1.  I am grateful for being able to go on a vacation with my mom and sister.  We get along quite grandly and can still poke fun at one another without freaking the freak out.  It's important to have strong women in your life and these are two of the strongest in mine.

NYC, Day 5: the one with all the shopping

We spent 8 hours at Woodbury Common Outlet today.  8.  Actually, I think we could have done another hour or two had the bus times for return trips been normal.  But they weren't.  I think the husbands plotted that.

8 hours at the outlet brought many purchases.
Kyla's favourite purchase was her Marc Jacobs' bag.
Mom's favourite is some black tank top with leather accents
My favourite is the Tory Burch cognac clutch/crossbody bag.

We all left happy.  Mind you, we did have to drag Mom out of some old lady stores and we spent what seemed like a lot of time convincing her that she could wear a skirt.  And then there was all the time spent pondering purchases and picking out just that right piece.

I felt like I was a smart shopper today (and I also feel like I need some high fives).  There were a couple times where I was standing in line, ready to purchase a very cute sweater, or denim vest, when I decided in the end that I really didn't need it.

Instead I stuck to my basic list of things (that I feel) that I needed (that husband likely feels that I don't).

I found my cloak/poncho cape.
I found booties.  Two pairs, in fact: one high, one low, one black/greys, one brown.
I found a leopard belt that I was looking for during the Work Wear challenge.

All in all, I'm a happy camper.
I also, over the course of the 5 days here, managed to get my Cmas shopping done for the hubster and for Lucia.  Willis is mostly done now too, but I'm missing a couple little things.

It has been a great trip.
We came back in time for a nice, late supper and a last stroll through Times Square and now we're trying to figure out how to put all this stuff in our suitcases.
Mom did have to buy a second, but really WHO packs a small carry on and that's it? Crazy lady, I tell ya.

One last sleep in our cozy beds and we're back home, and super excited to hug our babies.

And then there were none.

The EVERYTHING I loved at Kate Spade.  

Trying to convince Mom that she could pull this off, as long as she gave up her old lady sheer black nylons

Drinks and our hotel

A lucky little boy will be getting a treat....

What's on....my feet

Linking up today with the lovely Andrea at Momfessionals who is a teacher with lots of spunk and energy and she makes me recall longingly the enthusiasm I once possessed....

My "What's on my feet" today will be a tour of my shoe closet.  Yes, I have a shoe closet.  I am a shoe addict and am proud to profess it.  I'm going to do this in the style of a closet confessional, borrowing the question Shaeffer uses on her blog...but a shoe version, for a shoe addict, me!

1)  What is the item in your closet that you have the most of? 
Shoes!!!  Actually if you could see to the left you'd see racks of clothes too, in which case I would say I have tons of various blouses and tops.  But shoes.  Definitely shoes.  On the top rack are all my wedges/sandals that have been put away for winter.

2) What is the single most worn shoe in your closet? 
These uber comfy Vince Camuto Ellen flats are my go-to right now. Mostly because I tend to wear a lot of greys/blacks in the fall and they easily add a dash of colour. Plus did I mention they're comfy? They're like wrapping my feet in a quilt, but prettier.  I found them on Hautelook for 1/2 the retail price, so that makes them even better.

3) Favorite pair of shoes?
Tough question, but I think the prize goes to this pair because of how unique they are and comfy too.  Nothing like a shiny pick pair of bowling shoes that have heels and tie up with silk laces.  I found these ones online a couple years ago through DSW and they get tons of comments every time I wear them.

4) Tell us the oldest shoe in your closet that you still wear.
I haven't actually worn these in awhile, but they are the oldest shoe.  I got these while on our honeymoon 10 years ago in New York.  I don't remember what I was wearing at the time but I just couldn't go another step in them.  Hubby and I popped into a random Payless and I found these babies.  They're weird, but I like them.  

5)  Do you have shoes in your closet that you can't get rid of, even though you know you will never wear it again?   
I will only not wear these again because they are slightly too snug.  I may actually wear them more now that I'm not spending all day in a classroom on my feet and instead just going out here and there.  My hubby had these custom made for me through a campaign in kickstarter.   They even have my initials in them.

6)  What is your biggest clothing splurge?  Was it worth it?
Last fall when Christy and I took on Vancouver for our annual shopping trip, I fell in love with these boots. I have thick strong, athletic calves and usually struggle finding boots that do up, these are perfect and they're comfy and the heel isn't too high.  Miz Mooz is pricey, but so worth it, in case you were wondering.  Also, they make me feel like Mary Poppins.

7)  Tell us about the best bargain in your closet! 
A lot of my shoes come from Winners, so finding a killer pair of Michael Kors heels at discount price is definitely the best bargain.  I love these shoes.  LOVE.

8)  If you could buy anything for your closet right now, what would it be?
Booties/Shooties.  I don't think flats are going to be as practical for my day-to-day once the weather gets cold, so I would like to have a couple pairs that I can use to replace when I would normally wear flats. 

Thanks for stopping by!

NYC Day 4: the one with all the cupcakes

I think we could have spent the day sleeping, but that's not cool, so we didn't.
Instead, we were off on another Subway adventure, trying to find our way down to Little Italy for a food tour, booked as a recommend from our family friend Stephanie.  We had a tough time figuring out which tour to do as the Foods of NY tours offers a quite a variety, but I think the Nolita/Noho tour that we picked fit perfectly with our "exploring the East Side of the city" theme.  Which really wasn't a predetermined theme, but it's what we ended up doing.
We started at 1045 at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop for what was probably the best cupcake we've ever tasted, so says Kyla.  The Brooklyn Blackout was indeed perfection.  We then proceeded on a 3ish hour walking tour which guided us through quaint streets, stopping here and there, learning about the area's history.  It was a small tour, I think maybe with 12 of us and our tour guide was phenomenal, which really makes or breaks a tour.  I wanted to take her home with me; Anny was lovely.
The highlight of the food tour, for me, was the Roman style pizza at Emporio, which is apparently a popular place to dine for chefs and celebs, like Alec Baldwin.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that after the tour was over, we went back to a couple of the places. Okay, busted..we went back for more cupcakes.

Next time I come to NYC, I want to try doing the rest of the tours offered by the company, it was really that good.

For supper tonight, (of course, we were still hungry) we decided on authentic Italian at La Masseria and then it was on to our last show; Wicked.
Supper was awesome, I had this salad that I need to figure out how to make at home: arugula, parm, beets, portobella mushrooms and balsamic..it was divine.
And Wicked? Seriously, how have I not seen this show until today????!!! That. Was. Awesome.

The End.

NYC: Day 3; I`m on a roll.

Today was the first real shopping day which took us, in the rain, to Union Square where we wanted to visit Nordstrom Rack and DSW.  It poured all morning and was humid all the same time, I shouldn't really have spent so much time putting makeup on when it was sweated and rained off in the first 5 minutes outside.  On brighter note, we managed to navigate the Subway system without an error and Mom even hailed a cab.
Purchases were made at each store and I think everyone came out happy.  I found booties and a cream sweater (exactly what I wanted) but started feeling ill in Nordstrom.  No, hubby, it was not shopper's remorse.  I think I over-heated.  By the time we stopped for lunch at 5 napkins, I could barely eat and was seriously contemplating going back to the hotel.  But luckily the tylenol kicked in and I got my body temperature regulated and I started feeling normal again.
But then Kyla was starting to get tired, she is 6 months pregnant, after all.  So we decided the shopping Gods were probably trying to tell us to put an end to our shopping day.  We therefore headed up to Grand Central Station and the Public Library to take a peak.  None of us had been and I'm glad we got a chance; they were both quite beautiful.  

We didn't last too long as Kyla needed to lay down, but not so bad that we couldn't stop in at the H&M conveniently located across the street.  Stuff was bought, but not a lot.
Rest time was inevitable at the hotel, but I got bored or hungry or both and decided to head up for the hors d'oeuvres in the Club Lounge.  It was quite the pleasant view, Central Park and sunshine, while I read Outlander.

It was then time to get ready for tonight's musical, If/Then with the one and only Idina Menzel, SOOO excited!  I went for the old lady/floral look with bright orange lipstick look.  Bathroom selfies are fun.

 We walked there, stopping for a slice of pizza before the show and enjoyed the crazy of Times Square.

The show was amazing, Idina...there were no words.  And I was also pleased to see the other main guy character, (Anthony Rapp in that picture) was also in Rent and Dazed and Confused.  This show had a great message and might have made me cry a couple times.  Also, did I mention Idina Menzel??? Her voice is insane.  I feel like now I don`t want to ever see anyone else perform.  Done deal.  She is the queen.

After the show I wanted to fan girl and get autographs but there was already a huge lineup and we were hungry.  I had another slice of pizza (but I didn't eat my lunch so it's all good).  Mom is already curled up (and paralyzed, so she claims) in bed, Kyla is yacking with her husband and I`m doing my thing, blogging away, like I said I wouldn't do. Ah well, it will be good record keeping for when I want to remember what we did.

NYC day 2. Because wine not.

Day 2
It felt good to sleep this morning.  Don’t get me wrong, I miss my little family, but damn.
Sleep is good.  I think we put in a good 12 hours, having gone to bed around 9.
We were up and ready for 9, and had our lovely continental breakfast  (yay for upgrades).  I had plotted out our whole route today with subway in mind, you just never know what to expect with a preggers and an old lady with you, but alas, we ended up walking. It was gorgeous and sunny out today. Although it doesn’t look very fally here- the trees are still very green. 

We ended up walking to FAO Schwartz where we did our Christmas shopping.  There are going to be some very happy little children, I’m super pumped at the gifts I found for Willis and Lucia.  Okay, I found something there for Dan too.    Between the three of us, we decided that we had too many bags, so we opted to have it messengered to our hotel which was brilliant. It was so nice to continue on our walk up to Serendipity 3 without all that baggage.  

I thought Serendipity would be perfect for mom with it’s cute décor and Tiffany lamps hanging from everywhere.  The food was awesome and we even had the famous frozen hot chocolate for dessert.  It reminded mom of the hot chocolate they used to make when they were little using cocoa powder and sugar.  This time we went upstairs to see the rest of the restaurant and the table from themovie“Serendipity”

 After our scrumptious lunch, we headed over to Bloomingdale’s to wander.  So many pieces that were awesome.  Mom and I were all over the cape/poncho coats and I found a really really pretty one from Michael Kors…but in the end, not one purchase was made. CRAZY!!  Once we had fully toured the museum of Bloomie’s, we decided it was time for a lovely stroll.
One of my favourite parts of walking in NYC is playing the “New Yorker or Tourist” game.  We did tons of guessing while we strolled up Madison Avenue to our next dessert destination of Ladurée.  French macaroons?  Yes, please!  We picked out a couple and found ourself a bench in Central Park and enjoyed our treats.  Except Mom wouldn’t try them because they weren’t the type of coconutty macaroons she thinks macaroons should be.  Franchement, maman.

 We ended our afternoon with a walk through Central Park while heading back to our hotel.  Mom got her picture of the Ed Sullivan Theatre and Kyla and I enjoyed our Green Tea Lemonades.  We took a breather at the hotel, got ready and then headed out to find a restaurant and our theatre for the show: You Can’t Take it With You” featuring James Earl Jones and Rose Burns.
But first was sushi at Aoki right next to the theatre...most excellent.  The play was also fantastic, once again my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.  Added bonus was staying around after to meet the actors and chat with James Earl Jones.   I wanted a picture with Rose Burns but she had already left :(


NYC - day one. Because I said I wouldn't post. So I will do the opposite and post.

Saskatoon to Toronto, Toronto to Newark.  Getting up at 3:30 wasn't fun, but didn't have traffic anywhere, even getting into Manhattan.   I can't remember why we chose to fly to Newark, but I kinda liked it.  Normally we have flown to Laguardia, so it was nice to switch up the scenery and get to go through the Lincoln Tunnel.
We checked in to the Sheraton Times Square which is conveniently located by the top of Times Square, a metro and Central Park.  I'm liking this location so far!  We upgraded to the Club Level (we use SPG points from our Amex to book hotel rooms)  What a sweet upgrade it was! 46th floor, free wifi, free breakfast and hors d'oeuvre and gym access. But who are we kidding, we'll just be eating the cheese and olives and not running on the treadmill.
Once unpacked and in our room, we decided that today would be the perfect day to head down to the 20th anniversary celebratory pop-up shop for Friends.  I spent time figuring out how we could get there via Subway (which scared the be-jebus out of mom) and off we went.  
Except apparently I didn't have it figured out and we got off at the wrong Spring St.  On the wrong line.  Luckily it was only a 6 ish block difference and once we figured out which direction to walk in (yup, we got off track twice) we were on our way.  And we may have popped in to my flagship, Kate Spade en route.
The lineup for the pop-up museum wrapped around the building, but only took 30ish minutes to get through- thanks for the tips from my BFF's sister, Kolby, otherwise I think we wouldn't have stuck it out. It looked looooong.
Once inside, they had some props, some costumes, some memorabilia, free coffee and a chance to sit on the orange couch.  It was amazing and though we didn't stay long, I know it will likely be one of my favourite things we did.
Until we went for supper.  Because that was awesome, so awesome that my cheeks still hurt from smiling.  
After successfully unsuccessfully navigating the subway system back to the hotel (yes, we got sidetracked once twice more) we stopped in for the free hors d'oeuvres in the Club Lounge, which has a beautiful view of Central Park, by the way.  It was enough veggies and guac to keep Kyla, the prego one, satisfied and enough cheese and olives to make me happen.  We then walked a block and a half over to Ellen's Stardust Diner for supper.  The wait was only 30ish minutes and well worth it.  It was like sitting through our own personal show, with the entire staff breaking out into song.  Such a good time and the Reuben Sandwich I had was awesome too.

I'm glad to be back in our cozy room, early for the night...we're all exhausted and quite excited to take on tomorrow which includes a trip to Bloomingdale's, Serendipity, Ladurée, FAO Schwartz and the Natural History Museum.  It'll be a fun filled day, followed by a great show.
Stay tuned!

Today, I feel like shopping. WSW is back. For now anyway.

As I mentioned last week, there is a NYC trip coming up and in preparation for a great time with my mom and sister, I thought I'd share with you a couple of the items I am currently lusting and will likely be hunting down in the big apple.

1.  A Cape Coat

cape coats

2- Booties- preferrably sans heel


3) and then I got distracted and found some other pretty things......
Fortunately for me, Alison's Fall Shopping list comes out while we're there, so I may also be finding some of the items on her list.  If you haven't already signed up for the challenge, make sure you give it a go.  It's a great opportunity to try some new styles in a safe place, the Facebook group is great and I've met some wonderful new friends through it.  It's also nice having your outfits planned out for three weeks.  

Go here for more information  

Fall Style Challenge - Banner Image 2

This is an affiliate link, and will get a commission if you decide to join the challenge.  But I will also high five you and commend you on your great style too!

Linking up with Alison today

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