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Wonderfully lovely Friday

I'm really excited for this link up mostly because of the awesome people I've met recently in the blog world...who would have thought that blogging would become such a big part of my day???? I'm an introvert, aren't I? So how about we end off this lovely back to school week with 5 things you may not know about me and while I'm rambling about the awesomeness of the new people in my life, why don't I make it the 5 thingsyoumaynotknowaboutme but blog related.

 #1- It was only probably a year ago that I started even reading other people's blogs or even thought that I should branch out. I was happy with status quo, just doing my thang, sharing my story. Then somehow I found Shay's blog, then Shaeffer's, then Alison's and then it just snow balled from there. What's with all the Texan bloggers, by the way??

 #2- I have moments where I'm completely invigorated and motivated and have tons of ideas of what I could do with my blog, but then those moments are usually followed by fear and questioning and then I usually just don't do anything about it.

#3- I have a huge fear of failure/rejection, clearly, which most times keeps me from doing things that I dream of doing.

#4- I usually have 20 draft posts lined up and planned or an entire month in advance. I have been writing on weekends when I'm footloose and fancy free and then I schedule them for the week so the only thing I think about is reading other blogs and commenting. That will change now that my worklife has changed.

#5- There are a good handful of special people in my life who blog. I love being able to learn that much more about my friends like: Christy, Carmen, Jyl, Jordan and Alynne. My brother also has a blog, which will likely confuse you. Did you know that the originals who inspired me to start were Carmen, Jyl and Christy?

 Well that's it, that's all.

 Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I'm envious of your organization!!!!!!!! I WISH I had posts organized so I could just read and comment when I have time in the evenings.
    I am totally the same, I get super excited and motivated and then I never get around to actually writing it.

  2. Ahhhh chucks. I'm flattered. As you probably guessed, I knew most of these about you. I should after knowing you for 30 years!

  3. I love everything about your blog! I agree, there are so many bloggers from Texas - do they have extra time down there or something? I need to get more organized. I have lots of blog posts written, but then I end up doing something else and I'm up until the wee hours!

  4. My goal is always to have posts lined up and then it just doesn't happen. I'm amazed that you are that productive!! Don't be afraid, friend and when you are let people know who can help encourage you. You are pretty amazing!!

  5. Awesome series!! I need to be more organized when it comes to blogging! I have a few draft posts I'm working on that should've been published already...like What i wore this Summer! HA!! Looking forward to reading more the of Lifestyle Sistas Posts!

  6. I love the blogosphere! I've met so many incredible women and become real life friends with many. I've even went on vacations and stayed at bloggers' homes.


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