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Today I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to give you the inside scoop on what I've been up to this summer concerning my project list.
I must confess, my summer list is always long and daunting and never completed.  I don't know why I even bother.  I get all ambitious and goal-oriented on July 1st, eager to make my list of wants and then cross them off as I power through them.  Never does that actually happen.  Instead I usually get through one and then rearrange it to make it more realistic.  
This summer was just the same, I had lofty goals and ended up just doing a couple.  We had other crazy things to do.  

Project 1- Willis' room, which included a baseball headboard (which he didn't want in the end. Le sigh) and baseball decor.  I got the custom art done, no problem (Simair Stadium scoreboard) which was lots of fun.  I originally was going to do it on wood but decided that was way too complex when I could pull off something similar on canvas.  And I did.  I left it looking rustic, just as any old MLB scoreboard would look.  The vintage Blue Jays posters were framed and hung, they come from my bedroom, 20 years ago.  I also ordered the Babe Ruth print from OliverGal awhile ago when they were on Beyond the Rack.  The only thing that is missing is the headboard, which won't be completed and instead the 15 baseball bats I ordered for the project (le sigh again) will be used to create a custom book shelf (which was the child's idea). 


Project 2- Refinish an old Walmart table that will be moved upstairs and used as a computer table.  Which was the original idea, but then I ended up using another table for the computer and this table for the entry.  My mind changes often on decor.  It's been fun changing up everything in preparation for the Golightly clan to move in with us (my sister, her hubby, and nieces Kinsey -4 and Adelyn -2 and baby to be in Jan 2015).  What I've realized it how much space we actually have upstairs when I use it wisely!  
Oh yeah, the table.

After 1- I didn't like the drawer so I tried making it darker

After 2- with a darker drawer

After 3- when I decided I wanted a pop of colour.  Did I tell you that I'm fickle? I'm not even convinced that this will be the end project.  I may change that drawer. Again.

So that's what I accomplished this summer.  Up next for the fall will be working on the media room.  I want to add curtains on either side of the TV to make it look like a theatre screen. Then there's the cabinet to refinish, some theatre posters to add and lastly, the ambitious project- make a platform for the back couch so that it's raised and like a theatre.
I'm a dreamer!  

Also- another project I have on the go with some new friends is a link up on Fridays to add to all the Friday fun.  If you're a blogger- put something together on the 5th and link your blog up with ours! I'd love to meet some new people!


  1. Will you come decorate my house? I love everything you do! So excited for our first link up this Friday.

    1. I'll trade you- I'll decorate your house and you can mentor me into raising big kids.

  2. Really enjoyed your series on love. Looking forward to your lifestyle blogs. Great job!!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I love getting to know people and have enjoyed reading yours as well!


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