Welcome to the crazy train

by - September 22, 2014

This weekend the population in our house doubled and I was finally able to repay my sister and broinlaw for letting us live with them last year.

I've talked humbly about that here and here

And now it's their turn to bunk with us for an undetermined amount of time.  But I'd have them forever.  While you might call me crazy and shake your head, I can't wait.  There are so many benefits to this situation for us.  There's the obvious extra hands and help and company around the house that is nice, especially when hubby is travelling for work.  But mostly I think it's that time with family and the opportunity to create extra special bonds with cousins.  Adelyn follows Willis around and Willis is so good with her.  I love seeing him take that bigger boy, responsible cousin role.  As for Lucia, she finally has a sister, per say.  Kinsey and Lucia (7 weeks apart) play so well together and I love seeing her interact and use her imagination.

Yes, living with an extra family in our house will have its moments, I'm sure.  But for me, those will be so few and far between and unimportant in the grande scheme of this crazy life.

So the basement is prepared, they have their ownish space and the great adventure begins- the norther lights (that I clearly ordered) were even on display for their first night of acreage life.


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  1. What good sisters you both are! It will be so much fun to have them with you, and so many great memories will be made! Love the family pic on the front porch!

  2. love how close you are and the girls look so happy!


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