The weekend that was.


I'm safely home from the road trip that rejuvenates me and leaves me so much more in love with my family and friends.  Also slightly hungover this year. Oops.  
It also may just be a shopping hangover but then again, I may or may not have drank a whole bottle of red wine before we browsed the mall Friday night.  
From the bottle.  
Because I'm classy that way. 
And yes, this year we shopped a good couple hours Friday night and from 930-530 on Saturday. Hardcore, I tell ya.  I may or may not have coloured at the kids table in the Disney store.
Yup, it was a good weekend.
There was mostly a lot of shopping and some great purchases were made.  More on that Wednesday when I show you what I got.  But my favourite part, as always, was the laughing and reminiscing.  This year there were a couple "Mom" moments when we scolded each other, like we would our children and then there were even more "senior" moments when we had really hard times recalling details from stories or told stories multiple times over. 
Girls' weekend never gets old, and apparently the number of times we can talk about bunions and bowel moments don't either.
Thanks for the wonderful weekend, ladies!

And for a little fun, here are some of the purchases.  If you know us well, you may even be able to guess who is wearing what!






  1. I still can't beleive you punished that wine from the bottle.... What a great weekend!!!

  2. OMG so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Christy - are those your yellow pants??? Okay, I cheated, Deena may have given me a headsup about the pants.
    Can't wait to see all your finds!!!

  3. This totally sounds like my kind of weekend! Can't wait to see what you bought!

  4. Okay here are my guesses! #1 - Candace #2 - Alynne (or Sara! I had trouble here) #3 Christy #4 Deena.
    Love all the clothes and missed what sounded like a very great weekend!!


Have a lovely day!

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