The end of the Work Challenge and what Edmonton did to me

by - September 17, 2014

 ....and the work challenge is over.
Really though, I halfassed this one.  Or maybe it felt like I did because I wasn't actually wearing my pretty, shiny work clothes that I've since pawned off on Candace. Someone might as well use them.
I think I'll be more excited for the Fall challenge that starts mid October.  Maybe it will be more realistic to what I wear on the daily.
Or maybe it will snow here while every one else in the world will still be wearing wedges.
Shit. Shouldn't have said that, I've probably jinxed us. are the last 3 days of the challenge, followed by what I found for myself in Edmonton on the weekend.

Wednesday for Momming around:
Cardigan + Printed Button Down + Black pants + Neutral or Colour Block Heels or Flats
 Thursday night special for the Jann Arden concert:
Cardigan + sheath dress + leopard belt + Statement Earrings + Neutral or Colour block heels or flats
 Friday night in Edmonton after wine and shopping, before going out.  I might have already downed a bottle of wine on accident. That little stinker in the neighbouring picture conned me into it.  Okay. It was all me. But it was sure nice having my bestie dressed the same, in the same city! Doesn't she look pleased?
Blazer + solid blouse + jeans + long necklace + leopard flats

And as always, check and see what my blogfriends have been up to!

Now about Edmonton.  I wanted unique and cozy and I think I did just that.  I had full intentions of putting on a fashion show, getting all dolled up and taking pictures, but then life happened and it was Tuesday night at 9:30, Willis was up complaining of a headache, I had corrections to do and Dan was working in Vancouver for the week.  And I got lazy.  So instead I made this collage of my finds, which will have to do.  Just pretend it's me in the pictures.  I also realized too late that really my "grey" oversized sweater is navy.  And I missed the floral blazer, but that's in the Friday work wear picture.  Oh, and my "Life's too short to wear boring clothes" shirt.  Ah well.

edmonton finds

And then I felt guilty and decided to take a picture of my favourite hat and scarf find.  Let's just pretend I'm not cozy in my pajamas and likely without a bra.
Your welcome.

Come back Friday when I link up with my other friends and we talk the top 5 places we want to see before we get too old to be able to climb, see or lift a bottle of wine to enjoy.

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  1. I live the hat and scarve. Kicking myself for not grabbing one! Oh, and you drank that wine all by yourself! Lol. Drunk seena is fun :)

  2. Oh what a fun link up you guys created! The hat and scarf, too cute.

  3. Still jealous about your girls weekend away! I love the floral blazer SO much! Fun finds, especially the plaid, and the hat is amazing on you!

  4. you are the cutest! love that hat and I soooooooo need a girl's weekend!


Have a lovely day!