Style Me, Wednesday

by - September 10, 2014

We're into the last week of challenge outfits and I'm losing steam/motivation/ambition/enthusiasm. But I don't think that this lethargic phenomena is only fashion related, it's also affecting my parenting/wifing/teaching/housecleaning/creating skills.
I need a break and a break I will get. ...but first, what I wore as a high school teacher turned stay at home mom/cyber high school teacher.

Solid blouse + Printed Pants + long necklace + black heels/flats

Cardigan + White Button Down + Khaki or Gray pants + Leopard Belt + Black flats
Cardigan + Printed Button Down + Jeans + Statement earrings + Bright Flats
Light blue oxford+ Statement Necklace + Printed Pants + Bright Flats

Went rogue today: Cardigan + Printed Button Down + Black pants + Neutral or colour block heels or flats.  And yes, I realize my closet is a mess- you should see what's not in this picture.  Fall transition time!

You should also check out what these other bloggers wore as they were much more ambitious than I.

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Now on to my friends.
This is our 9th year of getaways which have taken us to Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.  Always tons of laughter and wine and most importantly, oh so therapeutic.  It's at times like these that I'm extremely grateful for this blog as I have documented every getaway since 2009.  That's only 4 trips that didn't get blasted out into the internets.  But don't worry, there are tons of embarassing pictures and video.  It wouldn't be a trip with me if I didn't have the cameras constantly in their faces.  If you want to catch up on all things Deena, here are a few lot of posts for you:

Because so much texting has gone on between all of us regarding our wishlists, I thought it would be fun  to put together some outfits that I would like them to find. 

For Alynne who is a hot CA working at Cameco:

For Candace who is recently back to work


For Sara who is having her first getaway in a year and a half!!!!


For Christy is a seasoned shopping pro and already know what she wants and where to find it.  Also it's her anniversary today, so I threw in some bling that James should get her.

and there you have it...if it wasn't already getting past my bedtime, and I didn't have this weekend's edition of Outlander to watch, I would have made a couple images for myself, Gina and Carmen.  Stay tuned for more on Friday? I could do that.
Have a great Wednesday.

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  1. I NEED your camo pants! Or are they leggings? Either way, I NEED them! Looking hot!

    1. They are leggings, last season at Simons. I'll keep my eye out for some this weekend when I'm there. Keep your phone close by!

  2. I also need some camo pants!!!! I love the shirt you picked out for me!

  3. I love your teal-colored flats! They are so great. All your pictures are wonderful. Your style has so much personality.

    1. Thanks, Joy...that's a the best compliment, yay! You made my day!

  4. love the green sweater and red shoes outfit, but they all look great. Yes to getting away, I'm currently trying to figure that out with my friends!

    1. You and colour...of course you love it! I hope you get a chance to get away

  5. Well, you may have felt like you were losing steam, but it sure didn't look like it! I know what you mean about taking a break though. Outfits 2 and 3 were my favorite - you look so pretty in the bright colors!

  6. The cardigans (orange and teal)... are my fave - those colors are wonderful for you! Thanks for linking us all up :) Jen

  7. Your legs look awesome in your leggings. HOT!

  8. you are so naturally stylish, I'm jealous!!
    I love that you put individual shopping ideas together for your friends... this is why I wish you lived closer... oh the shopping trouble we'd get into... and wine. Mmmmm

  9. Love those printed pants! Also love the red sweater and the green shoes - you pull that off fantastically (and the little rug in the background is a perfect addition + a little style inspiration)!


Have a lovely day!