So that happened


The artful dodger? The forgetful blogger? Same thing, right? Okay, maybe minus the cunning mess that the Dodger one. Wait- I may be a mess too.

Anyway, the pictures that I forgot to post about on Friday.
 I love pictures. I love taking pictures and I love being in pictures, although I rarely am- unless Dad's camera is around, in which case I steal and taken selfies. His collection must be in the 100s.  I even posted about it once.

So it was fun for me to go through my photography folder and find some of my faves- and some of them Kyla may have taken, but in that case I would have done the editing, because that's what a sisterteam does.

Kim and Kiana in the fall

I think this is by far my favourite.  Kinsey still plays with those shoes in my closet.

I did some photography for my friend,Carmen's birthdayp party she threw for her son

my cousin Sarah's wedding

I loved the setting for Jade's can't fake that perfection.

I took this picture for our 30 somethings...I think my sister is gorgeous.

My cousin Lea's wedding. Doesn't get more Saskatchewan than that!

Love the riverbank backdrop for Michelle's family photos

and then their feet....I have a thing with shoes, maybe?
So there you go- more than 5 of my favourite pictures.....that was fun! Too bad I didn't do this on Friday when I was supposed to.
Have a great Monday


  1. I love the feet family picture too, not sure why, but I do. Great pictures!

  2. Great photos! My favorite is the one of your daughter wearing your shoes and holding your hand! Such a sweet shot!


  3. Deena - these pictures are so beautiful, they deserved their own day. Seriously!

  4. Wow! Totally worth waiting for. These pictures are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Have a lovely day!

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