La journée de "oui"...which is few and far between.

by - September 08, 2014

I admit it, I'm not a "yes" mom.  I just can't buy into the concept that gives my kids anything they want, anytime they want. I need to have structure and they need to know that they don't rule the roost.
But a special occasion, once a year "YES" day is something I can handle.  And that is exactly what Willis got the day before he started grade 2.
The day was his, he made the plans and had all the freedom that he wanted.  I did have to call the shots a couple times because I'm pretty sure he would have played 3DS for 24 hours if he could.  Here are some of his activities and food picks for the day:

Top Left request: Nutella and Sprite for Bfast, label school supplies, play 3DS
Middle two rows, L to R: Play Wii with Lucy, Kraft Dinner for lunch, play outside, then play poker.
Bottom L- R: Make Lucy a treasure hunt, catch gophers (yuck), Dominoes for supper and watch an episode of Pokemon

Willis first day of school didn't go as I thought it would.  Lucia and I drove him and had planned on dropping him and letting him do his thing.  But in the few minutes before, my confidant boy became my shy boy and wanted me to come in with him.  He clung to my arm more than he ever did in kindergarten or grade one and I was okay with that.  I will add the feeling of my boy needing me so much that he was practically hanging off my arm as one that I don't ever want to forget.  You will always be my little boy, Willis and you will rock grade 2.

Apparently Willis only wears Blue Jays shirts to school. Here are the first days from K-2

Now that it is just Lucia and I during the day, I've been enjoying getting to learn more about her and observe her sweet idiosyncrasies.  Her language is what gets me right now.  I love how she's getting grown up enough to play independently but is also so young that she still mispronounces words.  A few of my faves?
Can we go see the woofs at the zoo?
Mom, why do dolophants swim in the ocean?
Hey, there's a bay with some hay in it.
I'm not even going to do that.
Boi-da, can I use your zizzors?

Oh, the joys of being a mom!

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  1. Love the yes day! Definitely going to do that with Calder this fall!

  2. What a great idea! I'm not a "yes" mom either, but special occasions call for it. Love that you are writing down your daughter's "language". I didn't do that, because I was sure I would always remember the cute things my kids said. Unfortunately, I can't remember most of them now. Sounds like you're having fun.


Have a lovely day!