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So that happened

The artful dodger? The forgetful blogger? Same thing, right? Okay, maybe minus the cunning mess that the Dodger one. Wait- I may be a mess too.

Anyway, the pictures that I forgot to post about on Friday.
 I love pictures. I love taking pictures and I love being in pictures, although I rarely am- unless Dad's camera is around, in which case I steal and taken selfies. His collection must be in the 100s.  I even posted about it once.

So it was fun for me to go through my photography folder and find some of my faves- and some of them Kyla may have taken, but in that case I would have done the editing, because that's what a sisterteam does.

High fives all around, it's Friday!

I'm linking up today on this most beautiful first Friday of fall with:

My Friday Fave 5 today will be honouring my favourite place to visit, New York City and showing you some of my favourite pictures from the trips (and this may have been done last minute when I realized that I forgot about the linkup after reading Lana's...ooops. I'll do better at this post next week because I think it was one of my picks}
.. there may be a trip happening in the near future.  So for my own lack of ability to remember anything sake, I'd like to recap my favourite parts of the 4 other trips I've had there.

1) First trip- 1999 and my 2nd year university while I was at l'Université de Laval in Quebec City.  It was a bus trip and super cheap, I think we paid 180$ for hotel and the ride.  I saw my first musical- Beauty and the Beast with Toni Braxton and the filming of Runaway Bride with Richard Gere.  I fell in love with NYC in the fall, over Thanksgiving weekend while my friends …

I don't feel like shopping today.

Welcome to the crazy train

This weekend the population in our house doubled and I was finally able to repay my sister and broinlaw for letting us live with them last year.

I've talked humbly about that here and here

And now it's their turn to bunk with us for an undetermined amount of time.  But I'd have them forever.  While you might call me crazy and shake your head, I can't wait.  There are so many benefits to this situation for us.  There's the obvious extra hands and help and company around the house that is nice, especially when hubby is travelling for work.  But mostly I think it's that time with family and the opportunity to create extra special bonds with cousins.  Adelyn follows Willis around and Willis is so good with her.  I love seeing him take that bigger boy, responsible cousin role.  As for Lucia, she finally has a sister, per say.  Kinsey and Lucia (7 weeks apart) play so well together and I love seeing her interact and use her imagination.

Yes, living with an extra fam…

The last Friday of summer

I'm having a bad week, technologically speaking.  Nothing is working the way I want it to when I need it to. It's one of those weeks that when I thought I was finally safe and nothing was going to break- my pumpkin spice spilled. Because of course. I'm pretty sure technology nudged it over to laugh in my face.

I'm one incident away from taking a major break from all things technological. I'm thinking it would be quite therapeutic to dissect my computer with a carving knife and then launch it over the deck, and then drive over it repeatedly with the quad.
So five places I want to see, you say? Right now all I want to see is "nuffing" as Lucia would say. Because the leaves say it's fall in Saskatoon and the weather feels like it's summer and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. Unless it's NYC and it's two weeks from today. 

But because I hate breaking the rules, I'll answer the question with something amazing. Wait for…

The end of the Work Challenge and what Edmonton did to me

....and the work challenge is over.
Really though, I halfassed this one.  Or maybe it felt like I did because I wasn't actually wearing my pretty, shiny work clothes that I've since pawned off on Candace. Someone might as well use them.
I think I'll be more excited for the Fall challenge that starts mid October.  Maybe it will be more realistic to what I wear on the daily.
Or maybe it will snow here while every one else in the world will still be wearing wedges.
Shit. Shouldn't have said that, I've probably jinxed us. are the last 3 days of the challenge, followed by what I found for myself in Edmonton on the weekend.

Wednesday for Momming around:
 Thursday night special for the Jann Arden concert:
 Friday night in Edmonton after wine and shopping, before going out.  I might have already downed a bottle of wine on accident. That little stinker in the neighbouring picture conned me into it.  Okay. It was all me. But it was sure nice ha…

The weekend that was.

I'm safely home from the road trip that rejuvenates me and leaves me so much more in love with my family and friends.  Also slightly hungover this year. Oops.   It also may just be a shopping hangover but then again, I may or may not have drank a whole bottle of red wine before we browsed the mall Friday night.   From the bottle.   Because I'm classy that way.  And yes, this year we shopped a good couple hours Friday night and from 930-530 on Saturday. Hardcore, I tell ya.  I may or may not have coloured at the kids table in the Disney store. Yup, it was a good weekend. There was mostly a lot of shopping and some great purchases were made.  More on that Wednesday when I show you what I got.  But my favourite part, as always, was the laughing and reminiscing.  This year there were a couple "Mom" moments when we scolded each other, like we would our children and then there were even more "senior" moments when we had really hard times recalling details from s…

I'm in my other happy place!

Dear friends,
In case you can't find me today or tomorrow for that matter, please look in Simons.  I will likely be living there, surrounded by complete and utter beauty. Ahhhh, I love fall shopping.
Also- I will be daydreaming about a new post idea I's going to be called "Dress the readers" if you want to be a guinea pig for this series, comment below or pass me an email.  I'd love to find an outfit for you.  I may just being doing that as you read this....falalalalalalalsimons!

Things I love by deena-simair featuring a knit dress
Knit dress
55 CAD -

Zebra top
38 CAD -

Leopard sweater
53 CAD -

Faux fur vest
24 CAD -

Military fashion
42 CAD -

Worker thigh-highs
4.39 CAD -

Vintage jumpsuit
64 CAD -

Knit handbag
24 CAD -

Style Me, Wednesday

We're into the last week of challenge outfits and I'm losing steam/motivation/ambition/enthusiasm. But I don't think that this lethargic phenomena is only fashion related, it's also affecting my parenting/wifing/teaching/housecleaning/creating skills.
I need a break and a break I will get. ...but first, what I wore as a high school teacher turned stay at home mom/cyber high school teacher.

La journée de "oui"...which is few and far between.

I admit it, I'm not a "yes" mom.  I just can't buy into the concept that gives my kids anything they want, anytime they want. I need to have structure and they need to know that they don't rule the roost.
But a special occasion, once a year "YES" day is something I can handle.  And that is exactly what Willis got the day before he started grade 2.
The day was his, he made the plans and had all the freedom that he wanted.  I did have to call the shots a couple times because I'm pretty sure he would have played 3DS for 24 hours if he could.  Here are some of his activities and food picks for the day:

Willis first day of school didn't go as I thought it would.  Lucia and I drove him and had planned on dropping him and letting him do his thing.  But in the few minutes before, my confidant boy became my shy boy and wanted me to come in with him.  He clung to my arm more than he ever did in kindergarten or grade one and I was okay with that.  I will a…

Wonderfully lovely Friday

I'm really excited for this link up mostly because of the awesome people I've met recently in the blog world...who would have thought that blogging would become such a big part of my day???? I'm an introvert, aren't I? So how about we end off this lovely back to school week with 5 things you may not know about me and while I'm rambling about the awesomeness of the new people in my life, why don't I make it the 5 thingsyoumaynotknowaboutme but blog related.

 #1- It was only probably a year ago that I started even reading other people's blogs or even thought that I should branch out. I was happy with status quo, just doing my thang, sharing my story. Then somehow I found Shay's blog, then Shaeffer's, then Alison's and then it just snow balled from there. What's with all the Texan bloggers, by the way??

 #2- I have moments where I'm completely invigorated and motivated and have tons of ideas of what I could do with my blog, but then tho…

Work Wear Challenge. Le Deux.

Alright, I admit it, most days I resort to my work uniform of lulus, a bunnyhug and slippers. I also admit that somedays I only get dressed up because of this challenge.  At the moment, nothing is calling me out of the house but that will change once Willis starts school TODAY.  With that said, let's hope I get my shiznit together and am looking presentable for my grade 2er.
Here's what I've been up to this past week:

Wednesday = cardigan, white button down, printed pants, statement necklace and leopard shoes.