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On love- Jyl

My lovely friend, Jyl, blogs over at And So it Goes. and is one of the wittiest peeps I know.  So to have her  write something more serious- I'm loving it because she is a very poignant writer and has great talent and an honest voice.  She has also blogged for me here, here and here.  Thanks, Jyl!

There are several different types of love, so that means there are several different ways of what love could 
possibly look like.  There’s the love between parent and child (and vice versa), the love between friends, love between siblings and love between spouses.  I’m choosing to write about what I know best…the love between spouses.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry? Hog wash.  Love means having to say you are sorry many different times and actually meaning it. Whoever came up with this saying was obviously single.

Love means holding hands as much as possible, both in public and private.

Love means doing little things to show you care, like starting the car in the winter or holding public doors open because your wife doesn’t like touching the handles.

Love means forgiving AND forgetting.  No drudging up past mistakes and throwing them back in your spouses face two years later.

Love means never EVER calling each other names in the heat of an argument.  Once this starts happening, it means you’ve lost respect for one another.  You may as well just get a divorce now ‘cause your marriage ain’t gonna last.

Love means being 100% comfortable while 100% naked in front of your spouse (and I don’t mean this in a sexual way).

Love means showing an interest in your partner’s hobbies and activities.

Love means having healthy arguments and debates, not fights.

Love means making sure you get time to yourself.

Love means living up to your marriage vows.

Love means laughing with your spouse, not at them.

Love means loyalty.  This doesn’t just mean physically.  When all of your girlfriends are complaining about the stupid things their husbands do, keep your mouth shut.  Stay loyal to your hubby.  He deserves it.

We may not have the most perfect marriage, but I am damn proud of what my husband and I have together.  It has come from actively working at it, not just letting nature take its course.  If you’re passive about your relationship, don’t expect much out of it.  And so it goes…


  1. Wow, what a wonderful tribute to marriage. Perfect!

  2. Loving this series and everyone's take on on!!


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