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On Love- Glenna

One of my favouritest cousins just happens to be the one I look up to the most.  I'm so honoured that she was able to participate and share her version of love.  Here's Glenna!

For me there are many different ways to respond to the "What love looks like" question.
Is it through the eyes of being a friend, daughter, sister, wife or a mother?  I would love to share my perspective through the eyes of being a daughter to a women whom I admire and respect so much, my momma Louise. 

I'm not shy in saying that I have spent 43 years observing what true love is from my mom. The sacrifices of a mother are often done silently and not appreciated until you yourself become a mother and see all that they have given up for your happiness and success. 

How could you as a child know how many sleepless nights she gave up for you pacing the floors, rocking you to sleep, crying to herself wondering if what she was doing was right or wrong. This is love.

Then the worries of raising a teenager. oh the fears, the fights, the silent treatments and I know for a fact that my sisters and I gave this dear lady many more sleepless nights and plenty of grey hairs. This is love. 

As a military wife this also brought on many challenges to rise up to. The moving from base to base, province to province, changing jobs, new schools, angry children and moving away from family who are your support and strength when you need to be lifted up. This is love. 

The journey was not always easy and had many struggles but mom was the glue that held our family together and became a source of admiration of many family and friends. When my older sister gave birth to her oldest son, Adam, who had been born with a cleft palate and other complications at birth, it was mom that was the strong one. She took charge and care of not only her daughter but her new little grandchild in the NICU.  This is love. 

When I gave birth to my oldest son Noah and had some complications after delivery it was my mom that came to our rescue, she moved in with us during my recovery, taking care of all three of us expecting nothing in return. This is love.

 A few years later came Jesse and after delivery he needed to be readmitted for some treatments and who was by our side... my mom. She stayed with us in the hospital, lifting us up. This is love.

Her greatest challenge as a mother was yet to come when my younger sister started her family. The birth of their twins and the tragic loss of these little angels was when love took on a whole new meaning. The love a mother has for her child who is suffering an unimaginable loss and also grieving herself the loss of her grandchildren is beyond any love I have ever witnessed. This is love. 

Then again another set of twins one fighting to live and the other making her journey to heaven to be with her sisters shortly after being born and being the one that your daughter asks to hold her child as she takes her final breaths is an honor and a heart-wrenching blessing. This is more than love.

For all of us she was there for us in our joys, our fears and our darkest of days being the light we needed. This is love. 

Through her example we have learned what being a mother really means. Love has many faces but when times are tough and full of tears and you have someone who stands by your side no matter what the journey. This is the love that matters, this is the love you pray for and for my sisters and I we have been blessed with a mother who is more than we ever deserved.

The last few years my mom has been a perfect example of commitment of the vows we take in marriage. More specifically "in sickness and in health". My dad suffered a stroke a few years back and my mom has without a doubt been the most amazing care giver that a person could ask for in a marriage. This is love. 

What love looks like behind closed doors when you stand side by side with your partner in life and become his strength in your most desperate hours. This is love....this is most definitely love! 

I am so proud of her, I admire her and respect her beyond any person I know.

How truly blessed I am that God allowed her to be my mom!



  1. What an incredibly honest post, Glenna. Your mom sounds like an incredible person.


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