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Oh hey, Friday! I'm baaaack

I have tons to talk about now that the guest post series is done and the blog is back in my control.  Soooo much to talk about that I'm going to somehow jam it in and make it into a Friday Faves Post.  Somehow.
Here are some of my favourite things that have gone down in the past couple weeks:

1- Guest posting/ new connections/ growing the blog/ meeting new people.  By the way, if you read my post on The Farmer's Wife, I ended it with a game of sorts.  You can read it here and the lie was #7. I have SO been to Europe.  It was the trip of a lifetime with my bro and sis and i blogged it live.  Here, here, here, here, here, here and here. That trip will happen again someday.  I also changed my name from Dena to Deena.  Rebellious 13 year old. Thanks to Amy for the opportunity!

2- Guest posts on me blog.  Love the love.  Love the versions of love. I am very fortunate to have so many people in my life who are willing to share their stories.  I think we can all benefit from that.  Now to start dreaming up the next series....

3- Family vacation to Seattle.  While the places we visited were beautiful and refreshing, to me it was more about the people we spent time with.  We stopped in Calgary and Vernon for overnighters before getting to Seattle and it was awesome to get some time with Jen and Rob, and meeting Jen's twin, Justine as well as spending time with my BFF on Willis' actual birthday.  Then we had some time in Vernon at my happy place. That lake is magical. But even more magical was the time spent with my aunt, uncle and cousin, Laura.  My kids fell in love with them and haven't stopped talking about it.  Lastly in Seattle, my parents hopped in with us and had some great time with their grandchildren.  I also got to meet a blogger friend, Lana, whom I've been chatting with since the spring.  What an awesome opportunity and an even better connection I have with a seriously thoughtful and lovely lady.
So yeah, the vacation was awesome, but it's the time with some great people that I'm going to remember the most.
Ma and Pa in the rain forest

Willis had a serious crush on Laura

Kyla and Rob found us on Sportsnet!

Lucia loved Abby!

meeting Lana

4- Willis' 7th birthday party. I've told you about the amazing people in our lives.....well Willis wanted an Amazing Race party and I had a killer party planned .....and then it rained.  Thanks to the help of great people, we were able to pull it off indoors. It was nutso for a bit and it may have taken me a whole week to recover. Again.  Awesome people in our lives.

5- Lastly, new adventures.  In one month's time the population living in this house will double. That's right, my sister and her little family are moving in while they're between houses.  I couldn't be more thrilled! I love roommates and have spent the last couple weeks prepping the basement so it can become their apartment.  When in life do we ever get an opportunity to do this?  Also- she's due in January, so hopefully they'll be here long enough that I get a brand new baby in my house too........

Have a fantastic long weekend!
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  1. Love that you met Lana! And were on TV...woohoo!! How exciting!! Have a great time with your sister. My sister and her daughters moved in with me for awhile! I miss her...and her cooking....Hahahahaha Have a great weekend.

  2. I have our picture on my blog today too! Great minds think alike :). Seriously, that was so amazing. The picture of your parents needs to get blown up and hung on their wall - it's so good. I want to have an Amazing Race party - will you come plan it for me?! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. omg you're super mom and I'm so so jealous you and Lana got to hang out!! Wish we ALL lived closer and could have a wine night ;)


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