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Oh hey, Friday! I'm baaaack

I have tons to talk about now that the guest post series is done and the blog is back in my control.  Soooo much to talk about that I'm going to somehow jam it in and make it into a Friday Faves Post.  Somehow.
Here are some of my favourite things that have gone down in the past couple weeks:

1- Guest posting/ new connections/ growing the blog/ meeting new people.  By the way, if you read my post on The Farmer's Wife, I ended it with a game of sorts.  You can read it here and the lie was #7. I have SO been to Europe.  It was the trip of a lifetime with my bro and sis and i blogged it live.  Here, here, here, here,here,here and here. That trip will happen again someday.  I also changed my name from Dena to Deena.  Rebellious 13 year old. Thanks to Amy for the opportunity!

2- Guest posts on me blog.  Love the love.  Love the versions of love. I am very fortunate to have so many people in my life who are willing to share their stories.  I think we can all benefit from that.  Now …

On love- Jana

Yay, Jana!  This is her first Shoes to Shiraz guest post!  I've been nagging every time I do something because I love this girl, and I know you would too.  She is a work friend that I admire and love spending time with...not gonna lie, one of the major reasons I'm sad leaving work is not being able to check out her cute outfits and have lunch with her on the daily.  Anyway, enough from me....let's hear what our last guest blogger has to say!

Our love story:  Trying to have children was more than a bit difficult for my husband and I. The docs said we basically had a 50% chance or less as one of my stupid ovaries wasn't working as it should- we tried for 5-6 years, put our name on the adoption list and eventually came to the realization that maybe parenthood was going to be too elusive for us. I knew I had love to give, but finally accepted that I could love my husband, my family and my pets, but a child just wasn't in the cards. Out of the blue, through my cousin, we…

Work Your Work Wear Challenge. Week one. The one without the work.

That's right, I'm doing Alison's work wear challenge without a work place.  This is SO a year too late for me.  But I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to practice styling down outfits and to shop my closet.  Check out what the other great bloggers are doing also and give them some love, we have two bloggers who are brand spanking new to the blogworld this week!!!

Shoes to Shiraz | A Lovely Little Wardrobe | R Squared | Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy |  I like Design Stuff | Positively Learning | Quilty Joy Joy |
Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After | Looks Like Lauren

As for me, this is what I came up with this week.  I did have errands to run and such, so it was nice to have something to get dressed up for.  I'm actually putting in a couple mornings "at" work this week so will be able to use the work challenge to it's fullest.  Stay tuned for more ensembles next week!

Linking up with Alison also!

On love- Jordan

Jordan is one of my favourite people in the world for many reasons, but I think the biggest reason, without going into a whole post,  is the way she and her hot hubby, Hugh are raising their family.  Values, morals and lots and lots of love.  She has blogged in the past here, here and here and maintains her own very honest story over at Just Jordan.  I'm thrilled she wanted to be a part of this.

When I first started thinking about what love looks like I immediately thought to the nurses exclamation of “It’s a boy” while I laid on the table delivering our second son, Tripp, by c-section.

On love- Nicole

Before we begin with the last three of the Love series posts, just wanna give you a head's up on a giveaway I'm participating in.......
For starters we are handing out 180 dolla-billz. That's a lot of moola that I surely wouldn't turn my nose up to.
 Secondly, the winner will get to choose any pair of darling earrings from Emma & Sophia. Yes please.
And thirdly, a Big Spender ad space on A Fresh Start on a Budget's blog. Not too shabby.
Check out all of the darling gals below and get entered!!
Heaven with a Wild Side | Shoes to Shiraz | Leaving the Corner & Dipping my Toes | Modded Momma | 2 Cats & Chloe
Lot 48 | The Farmer's Wife
Penny's Passion | Simply Love
September Farm | More from Meg
A Fresh Start on a Budget | Classy Living
a Rafflecopter giveaway
and now on to Nicole.....

Nicole is my bro-in-law, Josh's girlfriend.  We have only been together a couple of times, due to the fact that she's in Winnipeg and holidays are too few and far bet…

On love- Christy

Ah, my true blue BFF pulls through for me, despite trying to convince me that she can't do a serious post.  Christy has been in my life longer than my brother and from the minute I asked my mom if I could play with her on the first day of kindergarten, the friendship was locked in.  30 years later, she's still that gal for me.  She's blogged here,here and here for me in the past and I'm happy to see that she's doing it again!

I am usually not a serious kind of blogger, I prefer to keep it light and funny. I'm not sure if that is what comes across on my blog .  After a little reflection I came up with a few non-traditional ways that shows love in my family.  While hearing 'I love you' is important, they way you show your love is as important.
Love is watching 2 children hold hands.

This, that and then some

First off we're back from a fantastic trip that took us over 4500km through Calgary, to Vernon and then on to Seattle and back.  We had a blast and I'll tell you all about it next week after we've wrapped up the Love series.

Secondly, we have a raffle winner...yay for Lisa, my Goose friend.  You'll find a lovely little parcel in the mail sometime next week.

Lastly, I'm blogging over at the Farmer's Wife's blog today.  Go on and check it out!


On love- Lana

I "met" Lana in the blogging world whilst participating in the Style Me Fashion challenges.  We have linked up our blogs, and have gotten to know each other over the course of a couple months.  She blogs over at Two Teens and Their Mama and has some brilliant insights into life.  I love her voice.  
Then during our trip to Seattle, I actually got to meet Lana and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed.  She's compassionate, kind, genuine and definitely an instant friend.  I could spend many afternoons sipping coffee and chatting with her.
What a wonderfully small world this place can be. More on that meeting later, for now, you* MUST read this story.  
*and by you, I'm referring you to YOU, husband...this would be a dream come true if it ever happened to me.....:)

What Love Looks Like….at 40

In early 2007, I was feeling a little down.  I’m normally a positive person, and birthdays don’t bother me.  But I was about to turn 40, and for some reason I was having a hard ti…

On love- Jyl

My lovely friend, Jyl, blogs over at And So it Goes. and is one of the wittiest peeps I know.  So to have her  write something more serious- I'm loving it because she is a very poignant writer and has great talent and an honest voice.  She has also blogged for me here, here and here.  Thanks, Jyl!

There are several different types of love, so that means there are several different ways of what love could 
possibly look like.  There’s the love between parent and child (and vice versa), the love between friends, love between siblings and love between spouses.  I’m choosing to write about what I know best…the love between spouses.
*** Love means never having to say you’re sorry? Hog wash.  Love means having to say you are sorry many different times and actually meaning it. Whoever came up with this saying was obviously single.
Love means holding hands as much as possible, both in public and private.
Love means doing little things to show you care, like starting the car in the winter or hol…

On love- Liz and Alynne

Two posts today on this almost back to work Monday.
I have taught with Liz for the past 5 ish years, but our story goes way back.  I love that she is always willing to share, regardless how busy she is. That includes this post, right before leaving for a summer trip to Portugal.  Lucky gal! She has blogged for me in the past here, here and here.

Liz's Loves

The second post is by one of my besties, Alynne.  She blogs over at Check Your Calculators at the Door and is probably one of the sweetest gals you would ever be blessed to meet.  She has blogged before for me here, here and here.
When I close my eyes and think about what love looks like to me, I envision the sweet embraces exchanged with my children, the loving smiles and little giggles shared with them on the front step.  In hard times, it’s the sad tears on our children’s faces that only Mark and I can wipe away and their heavy hearts that only we can lift, because we are their people, the ones they trust and love to take care…

On Love- Glenna

One of my favouritest cousins just happens to be the one I look up to the most.  I'm so honoured that she was able to participate and share her version of love.  Here's Glenna!

For me there are many different ways to respond to the "What love looks like" question.
Is it through the eyes of being a friend, daughter, sister, wife or a mother?  I would love to share my perspective through the eyes of being a daughter to a women whom I admire and respect so much, my momma Louise. 

I'm not shy in saying that I have spent 43 years observing what true love is from my mom. The sacrifices of a mother are often done silently and not appreciated until you yourself become a mother and see all that they have given up for your happiness and success. 

How could you as a child know how many sleepless nights she gave up for you pacing the floors, rocking you to sleep, crying to herself wondering if what she was doing was right or wrong. This is love.

Then the worries of raising a teen…

On love- Melissa

Melissa is a good friend from home and one of those people that I never want to lose touch with.  She is kind, caring and a beautiful friend.  She has blogged here and here in our Mommy Diaries and here for the 30 somethings.  I'm grateful she was willing to do it again for me!

Dear Daughter,
If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.
Only then would you realize how special you are to me.

Last chance to enter in the giveaway! I thought it was appropriate to put this on Mel's page because she's also a Seacret Consultant!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

On love- Carrie

I "met" Carrie during one of the style challenges and was instantly drawn to her kind and compassionate persona.  I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her.  She blogs over at A Lovely Little Wardrobe and you can look forward to much more Carrie as we scheme some future linkups.

Love is a Verb
Have you ever heard the phrase “Love is a Verb?” If love is a verb, have you ever thought about what means? It’s a different train of thought than the typical idea of love. Normally, love conjures up emotions and thoughts of romance or strong affection. We love big and loved to be loved big! Those who we love most deeply can be a spouse, children, parents and even a close friend. Our lives are blessed with having people to love and being love in return.
So what do you do when love stops? Not your love for someone but their love for you? What if it is the end of love or the withholding of love that comes from those closest and most dear to you?

On love- Denaye

I know Denaye through ball and common friends, and I was extremely happy to see that she hopped on board when I offered out guest blog spots to my readers.  Yay, Denaye!  Also- I know that Denaye is the type of person who will make you smile and this post makes me smile.

This is what love looks like to me:

On love- Sara

Sara is probably one of the most selfless and genuinely kind people I know, I love this girl.  She has blogged before for us in our 30 somethings, and then here and here for the Mommy Diairies.  Today, she'll be talking about her version of love.

Becoming a parent really teaches you about a selfless kind of love.  Children, especially young children, demand so much without always providing much, if any, gratitude in return.  As children grow the parent/caregiver begins to be rewarded by the child’s affection, words of love, and maturity for all those months and years of personal sacrifice.  This kind of love between a parent and child you see every day and it is beautiful and magical.  There is another kind of selfless love which is not as glamorous.
My maternal grandparents died suddenly in a car accident right before my 3rd birthday.  My mom is the oldest of seven children so when this tragedy occurred she and my father brought my aunt, who has Down Syndrome, back to Saskatchew…

Oh hey, Friday ~ it's my happy place!

Today's post calls for a five fold ode to my happy place, but it's also going to be an introduction to the next series : what love looks like.  I received some genuinely honest and beautiful entries that I'll be sharing with you over the course of the next couple weeks, so make sure you come back and check them out!

As for today, I'm going to do my version of my normal Friday post but with a love twist.  For me, a very important example of love is the sacrifice and hard work by parents.  We didn't have a lot growing up with Mom at home taking care of us and Dad working his ass off to bring home some money.  But what we did have was two loving parents who were bound and determined to bring us up with strong values and a plethora of memories that would last a lifetime, and that they did.  They loved us so much that they gave up their own wants and needs to please us.  Or maybe they are just the selfless type of people who did anything to make someone happy. Ya, that…

Summertime faves- Erin

Erin blogged first with us in our Mommy Diaries series, you can check out her post here.  Since that post, Erin and James have welcomed a beautiful daughter, Lucianna and continue to be an awesome little family, filled with tons of faith and love.  

I love summer and all things warms and sunny. I would live outside if I could...maybe if I had a tree house...
I have a 4 year old who shares my enthusiasm for the outdoors and a 6 month old who so far tolerates it. She likes how the grass tastes. Joy.

One thing I don't love about summer is bugs. Mosquitoes, moths, ticks. Ugh. Awful. Almost as bad as bugs is mosquito spray. I can't stand the greasiness or the need to constantly keep putting it on, or the amount of scary things (read: deet) in it. Not to mention that you are limited in the amount you can put on your kids. So what's a girl who wants to live outside and spends time up at the lake to do? I'll tell you! Satsuma Body Butter (from The Body Shop). The bugs hate the sm…

Happy 7th Birthday, Willis!

Oh, my little boy, how I love you so.

My favourite things about you are:
- how much you show your love for your sister
- how you hug Addy and Kinsey whenever you see them, even when you don't want to. Okay, sometimes you don't and then Kinsey cries, but you still tell you her love her.
- you still cuddle me and when I asked you this week how old you'll be when you'll stop, you said 9. then 10. then 13 and giggled.
- you are still so much the little boy that made us parents.  You will still drool occasionally (we did use to call you Willis Drools Simair) and you still go ballistic, jumping up and down when playing anything. That includes throwing paper into a fire. Pyro.
-you are learning and trying to deal with your emotions when you get upset, which is no easy feat.
-you adore your family and extended family and STILL talk about your second cousins Jesse and Noah.
- you are sensitive and kindhearted and you were so excited to see Mme. Marsh this week.

You are my littl…

Summertime faves: Kelsey

I met Kelsey through ball and fell in love with her instantly.  She also was a student at Cross my first year there. That means we're instant family.  Currently, Kels is travelling the world and blogging her story over at Toques and Tan Lines.  How fitting.  

My Favourite Things: Summer Time Edition

My favourite part of summer is having a nice big campfire at the end of the day. Simple enough to do, take some wood and light it on fire, but after having a summer with barely any beach fires I've come to appreciate them all the more. Some of my best summer memories always seem to have a campfire involved.

So what is it about campfires? Could it be the food? I love food and nothing beats something cooked over an open flame. Hotdogs, marshmallows (for smores of course), eggs, bacon, the list is endless. Despite having a couple singed fingered through the years, its the best tasting food out there, but not the reason I love campfires so much.

How about the outdoors? I love natu…

Summer Series & Lists

Today starts a series of guest posts that will take place here and there over the lovely month of August.  You can check out the past series that we have done: 30 somethingsMommy Diaries and luckily for me, I have some very talented and willing readers, friends and blogging friends who were gracious enough to contribute.
I gave two choices of subjects and we'll start with the one with the least entries this week, plus its still summer, so it makes sense.  
I thought it would be fitting to start off this post with a list of my wishlist for a perfect summer of vacationing, which also will be a good linkup with Andrea's topic for today, my wishlist.  So I'm gonna linkup over there, where you can check out many, many more wishlists.

Now, if one summer would be composed of all these elements, then it would be a perfect summer indeed:

Friday !!!!!!

It's the Mother Ship of all link ups today as I'm linking up with a number of ladies, because it all just makes sense.
Mix & Match Family, PTMT & Larson Lingo

For my Friday Faves, Top 5,  & July Pinspired look, I decided that I would to a pinspired outfit on my favourite things: shoes.   So I took my Top 5 favourite summer shoe trends and tried them with my favourite summer dress.
Good luck digesting this one.