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Welcome to another edition of Window Shopping Wednesday...except in today's post I'm not perusing the internets for some lovely fashion finds for myself.  Nope, today I'm gonna show you what I got to do for my darling Sister-in-law, Monique who ever so graciously, let me be her personal shopper.

First off, a little background.  Monique is a super successful scientist.  Contango Strategies is her brainchild and from what I see/hear, she is doing a brilliant job.  I would tell you what they do..but you know me and science...and math for that matter- I just don't have the words.  She fixes stuff with the magic of microbiology, or something?  Or, you could just read the following and that would likely sum it up much more efficiently than I ever will.


So she's a scientist who dresses like a ..... scientist. 
 And I was glad to help her in preparation for a couple events- one was a convention in Budapest...because, you know, it's Budapest and when in Budapest one must have a new dress.  I like how she thinks. 
 She also needed some staples to up her everyday business wardrobe.  So we focused on dresses and blazers, as well as some comfy flats.  I also found a couple pieces she could sport under blazers or over work pants.   Here's a look at some of treasures we found back in June.  We scoured the Bay for 5 hours and found tons.  What I learned?  I love the Bay and Anne Klein dresses were made for her.

 Then came a photo shoot that she had to for BusinessView, a magazine in Saskatoon. The cover will be hers in August/September.  She texted me, wondering if I could come up with something that screamed "contemporary business casual" that will "show off her youth".  Because we had little time, I brought over some pieces from my closet and we put together some great outfits.

And there you have it- the final product for the magazine.  I think she looks awesome.  Also thanks to the fantastically talented photog, Grant Romancia for letting me use his image.  I love how it turned out, but mostly I loved seeing a successful woman look confidant and radiant.  Because we all know how easy it is to conquer the world when we have the right shoes...or palazzo pants for that matter.


  1. First of all, your sister-in-law sounds so cool and smart! Secondly, I know you're an amazing teacher, but you could definitely be a stylist in your alternate life. You did such a great job. I wish somebody in my life would let me dress them - my boys and husband certainly won't, and my sister is SO picky!

  2. those palazzo pants look amazing on her and some of those dresses are so so flattering! Gorgeous! she's lucky to have you for a sis in law!

  3. Monique looks fantastic!


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