A Kinda Christmas Fashion Tale

Willis' World

Happy Canada Day! I'm celebrating with some great playdates today, but thought I would also use this time to catch up on some thoughts.
Sooooo much to talk about, so much to sum up.... it's been quite a year for our little man.

End of Piano year:

Willis completed his first year of piano with the Music for Young Children Program.  He learned a lot and really started to enjoy it, especially after his first recital in November.  He then went on to win an honourable mention for his composition in an international competition.  I love seeing my boy find joy in music, this is just the beginning, peeps. We know (based on years of observation in high school settings) that the strongest kids are usually from the Band/French programs..this is where my boy is headed.

End of Ball Season

So I ended up taking over the coaching duties for Will's team when the original coach bailed.  It wasn't something I wanted to do this year as it falls during my ball season and end of the year/finals wrap up at work ....and yes, it did get neurotic but I ended up loving coaching him but am also very relieved to be responsibility-less.

I can't wait to take him to Seattle to watch dem Jays play!!!!!

End of Grade 1
Finally, Willis wrapped up his year as a grade one student.  In this year of learning, we saw him go from basic words/colours/numbers in French to being able to carry an entire conversation with me.  His reading is fantastic in both languages, and he has made some great friends.

But most importantly, he had one of the best as his teacher.  It was a sad end of the year as Willis' Mme. was also getting a change and would be moving schools. Lots of emotion, because I get it.  I get how hard it is to leave these kids you have spent so much time caring for, teaching and molding.  Willis LOVES his teacher and luckily for him, she's also my friend, so the relationship doesn't stop there.
You know you have a great teacher when:
  • she's sad when your kid can't be on a field trip.
  • she sends you texts/video messages so I can see what he's doing
  • she writes him cute little notes
  • she genuinely cares how he is doing and is honest and frank when he needs help.
  • she puts countless hours in creating a beautiful yearbook for each kid. EACH. KID! that is personalized so they can remember all the great moments.

  I could go on, but now I'm verklempt and my vision is blurry because of the tears. Or wine. But likely both.

Thank you so much, Dianne for loving my boy as your own.  I loved you the minute I started working with you 10 years ago and I am so very grateful that at least one of my own got to reap the rewards of having a phenomenal teacher like you. You forever have a place in my boy's heart and have made a huge impression on his love of learning. And for that I am grateful.

The end.


  1. first, he's such a sweetie! Second, you're seriously a rockstar mom.
    That is all :)
    Oh wait, Happy Canada DAY!!

  2. Happy Canada Day! What an adorable little boy you have! My boys have both played the piano for many years, and it's one of the greatest gifts! I can't believe you coached baseball. So cool.


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