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Willis and Lucia play

My how the tides have changed!  I think I will likely be that mom that loves every age my kids are at.
The cuddles of a newborn?  I'm all over it.  The cuteness of a one year old? The best.  The independence of a 4 year old? Awesome. The ability to reason with a 6 year old? Love it.    It just keeps getting better and better with age.  Like wine. Or is that whiskey?
What I love about having a very independent, but albeit feisty 4 year old and an almost 7 year old who thinks he knows everything, is how they work together (and read- the freedom it gives me)

I now have the ability to read, to bake, to clean or to blog somewhat freely while they are playing lego, making treasure hunts and playing in the pool.  With that cooperative play, also comes lots of bickering, arguing and fighting, but I'll take it.  It's giving me plenty of opportunity to teach them how to fight fairly and how collaborate without hurting each other.  Speaking of teaching them how not to drive each other crazy- we're also working on gratitude.
For now, all this looks like is a lot of language modeling and practicing, which can get frustrating and it takes a  lot of time, but I think it's going to be worthwhile.  If there is a situation that lacked a thank you or perhaps  they didn't notice how much work someone put into something that was done for them- we stop, do a lot of talking and then practice what they could have said.  Am I seeing results?  Possibly.  Ask me again at the end of August.

Here's a  look at some of the fun play that the two rascals have been doing during a typical day.. (and you know how much I love routine after 2 weeks of being all vacationny)
Go on road trips with Grandma and Grandpa

Pick me flowers together

Play zoo together

Lego together

They swim together

They do treasure hunts

they gang up on Daddy together

they even eat together, by themselves
Things are running pretty smoothly over here, and I'm sure the best is even yet to come.        


  1. love it. I am that mom too, I love every single age of my kids too, but cannot wait (but can, you know) for them to be old enough to entertain each other. Just last night some friends were over with their 3 year old, and the boys played together and didn't fight, and we ate dinner with great conversation, it was seriously the best!

  2. I have loved every age - I always say "I wish I could freeze them right here" - but then I love the next one too. We've had our share of fighting and arguing, but now that they're older, they're best friends!


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