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It was that time of year this week when we took off with our family friends, the Hamiltons, for a 3 day adventure to our annually ever-changing location. This year it took us deep into the wilderness of Prince Albert National Park to Waskesiu and more specifically, Elkridge. And when I mean wilderness, I mean we were roughing it at a 5 star resort. I actually don't know if it's a legit 5 star resort but what the heck, who's checking.  It had air conditioning and laundry. And big comfy beds. Yup. It was a tough 3 days.

Jordan and Hugh brought their pontoon boat up, which was an added bonus and we spent our one full day out on the Hanging Heart Lakes, taking our time fishing and tubing, eating on the island and then finding our own private beach.  It was serene.  We also happened to be the only boat around for the longest time, except when we ran into Dan's parents on Crean Lake. Small world.

It was 3 wonderful days spent with wonderful friends.  It's so neat to see the progression of these kids' relationships as they get more and more comfortable with each other.  But most importantly to me, it's the maintaining of lasting friendships and the awesome memories that go with them.
Here are some of my favourite pictures.......which kinda make me grumpy because apparently I need to clean my camera lense...and then my display screen wouldn't work so I couldn't see if my settings were good or not....other things not working are : our tractor (Dan rolled it), the pontoon boat (wouldn't shut off...Dan and Hugh did some experimenting...and rowing..to figure that one out), my computer when I went to do this post, the pool - stupid rocks and probably a million other things, because that's how it always goes.  Why does everything go to shit at the same time?  Rant over.  At least I just spent a kickass 3 days with one of my besties and her fam!

At the Crean Kitchen

The jump in

I love lake.

them are some awesome hubbies!!!!

love, love, love!

and while I wasn't trying to take beautiful pictures with my broken, dirty camera, I did also snap a few (100) on my cell that mostly showcase the silly and real that happened.....


  1. Pontoon boats always remind me of my super fun stagette.

    Also, you look naked in the lake!

  2. Love it! It looks so pretty where you, but all I could think about being in that lake is some sort of creature coming up to get you...yikes! Love vacationing with friends...we need to do that more!

  3. Dirty lens or not, your pictures are beautiful! Looks like so much fun.


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